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Platform technology. The future is almost here.

Bill DeMartino
Written by Bill DeMartino on Feb 09, 2016

Platform Future

All enterprises, our customers and prospects included, share a common challenge when it comes to supply management, That challenge is the burden of having a plethora of siloed solutions. The solutions  range from supposedly comprehensive spend management platforms to spreadsheets and manual processes, to category-specific solutions and supplier portals. Help, however, is on the way and it isn’t taking the form of the unattainable ERP vision of one all-inclusive behemoth.

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The Procurement Maturity Curve — savings at every stage

Kelly Barner
Written by Kelly Barner on Feb 04, 2016

How Do You Save Evaluate Maximize Utilize Technology Leverage Data

The role of Procurement is ever changing and growing in importance. What are your company's current practices? What are you doing to advance to the next level? Savings is still a primary focus and a critical measure of effectiveness, but it's not the only one. In this two-part series, we'll examine how procurement technology is (or should be) adding value across enterprises. We’ll also touch on how incorporating data and analytics tools can enhance processes, providing procurement professionals with increased oversight of compliance, risk management and collaboration. While there is an overall progression from one to the next, there are also opportunities for advancement and expansion within each focus area.

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Taking TIGR by the tail: Kellogg Company’s CLM deployment strategy

Dan O’Connor
Written by Dan O’Connor on Jan 29, 2016

It was in 2009 when Kellogg Company began exploring new options for a contract lifecycle management tool. That decision, however, got put off as the company pursued a major acquisition opportunity. This turned out to be fortuitous, because the combination of the acquisition process, integration of the new business and the increase in our volume all served to highlight the need for a more robust CLM. It also helped formulate and focus our list of CLM requirements and priorities.

I got to discuss this process in detail during the recent Determine webinar, How General Counsel & Procurement Are Leading the Adoption of Contract Lifecycle Management, which also included a presentation by Prashant Dubey of The Sumati Group.

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Evolution of the Cloud and its impact on Procurement

Constantine Limberakis
Written by Constantine Limberakis on Jan 26, 2016

Cloud Evolution: Public IT Cloud Services spending reached $56.6 billion

Talking about cloud computing today has become commonplace as cloud-based technologies play a more critical role in business.  But much like other technological innovations, one thing leads to another, with each iteration building on its predecessor. Consider the evolution of the power grid, of telecommunications, of the personal computer, or of the Internet...

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Business considerations for a better year

Sean Delaney
Written by Sean Delaney on Jan 21, 2016

Security Control Collaboration

A lot has already changed within the first few weeks of the year. The China asset bubble finally burst, oil prices are near $25 a barrel and indicators predict especially uncertain times. Could 2016 be the year that we see the predictions of 2008 come home to roost? Whatever the year holds, David Bowie was right, the future will not be boring.

As we hope for the best and prepare for the worst, here are my key business considerations for the year ahead...

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The ROI of Integrity, Trust and Loyalty

Patrick Stakenas
Written by Patrick Stakenas on Jan 20, 2016

The ROI of Integrity, Trust and Loyalty

Successful implementations that meet complex customer needs begin with strong relationships.

We know that strong relationships are based on integrity, which takes time and effort to develop. But believe me, the ROI of integrity is real. From lower churn, more referral customers and loyal clients to shorter sales cycles, bigger deals, happier employees and more innovative solutions — investing in integrity is good for business. In fact, integrity is one of our core values at Determine.

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Eight New Year’s Resolutions for Smarter Procurement and Spend Management in 2016

Kellie Peterson
Written by Kellie Peterson on Jan 12, 2016

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016! Just a couple weeks into the new year and maybe 75 percent of resolution makers are still on track, in six months fewer than half will be. To make things happen this year, most of us need to focus on a few key (and achievable) goals.

If you don’t know where to start, Determine™ can help! You can chat with one of our experts about 2016 planning. We can help with successfully managing your challenges and goals and guide you in achieving some strong procurement and financial resolutions for 2016. With specific goals in mind and our support, you are sure to have an outstanding year. Let’s start with some critical functions and processes that could advance your career and make you a stronger asset to your company. Here are eight key resolutions to get you started to becoming a better procurement manager or CFO in 2016.

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Procurement and Finance Collaboration: What CFOs and Procurement Need to Know

Pierre-Marie Rallu
Written by Pierre-Marie Rallu on Jan 06, 2016

What CFOs and Procurement Need to Know - Procurement and Finance Collaboration

When talking about procurement and finance collaboration, purchase-to-pay (P2P) technology always seems to come up. Budgeting, planning and savings implementations are shared across procurement and finance, but the connection between these two organizations also involve activities such as sourcing, purchasing, contracting, approvals, capital management, payments and more.

In addition, more and more often the CPO reports to the CFO — another reason finance and procurement should aim to work seamlessly together. Although these departments have been historically siloed, they actually have more in common than not. And forming stronger alliances between them provides benefits across the enterprise.

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Center Led Procurement: An Introduction

Constantine Limberakis
Written by Constantine Limberakis on Dec 29, 2015

Introduction to Center led Procurement.

One of the hot topics in sourcing today is the trend toward center-led procurement organizations. This is where strategic decisions are coordinated centrally while transactional activities are decentralized across the organization, especially in large enterprises (>1 billion dollars).

Today we are going to compare and contrast center-led procurement with the traditional centralized and decentralized models of procurement, and review some of the advantages of the center-led model.

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Empower managers with P2P process improvements

Sean Delaney
Written by Sean Delaney on Dec 22, 2015

Budgetary control & management – best practices.

Overhead cost control, reduction and compliance with agreed budgets—They’re on every organization’s agenda, yet few have the processes and solutions in place to achieve them. In this blog we look at the issues and the solutions.

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