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Determine Configuration Engine—
Powering complex deals since 1998.

Don't let an out-of-the-box CPQ hold your business back. Use Determine's Configuration Engine to build your own CPQ and take your business full speed ahead.

Our cloud-based Configuration Engine isn't a product, it's a platform. It gives you total control and freedom to create and customize a CPQ solution tailored to your enterprise, products and services. No matter how many permutations you offer, you can turn that complexity into endless sales opportunities.

A proprietary CPQ will completely change how you approach customers. You'll be more flexible, more responsive and agile. Step-by-step guided selling and constraint-based functionality replace configuration guesswork with certainty and real-time pricing.

Reps and channel partners will be equipped to recommend accurate combinations, incorporate specific customer pricing and discounts, and get to the dotted line faster.

Your own CPQ powered by our Configuration Engine will take enterprise sales to the next level. Results: Increased average deal size, accelerated sales cycles and a faster, more efficient workflow.

At a glance

A multi-patented platform that gives sales organizations with complex catalogs the ability to customize and build their own CPQ application.

Simplifying complexity

Does your organization offer a complex catalog to customers across industries and geographies? Complexity—in products, pricing and channels—can affect order accuracy, increase risk, cost money. Especially if you have multiple, separate back-end systems managing it all. Accuracy is in our DNA. We've been applying it since 1998 to simplify the complex for Global 2000 companies.

Selling confidence

Accuracy instills confidence—in reps, product managers, c-suites, customers. It enables solid quotes—first time—that eliminate errors and payment delays. You'll lower costs per sale and increase revenue per order through upsell, cross-sell and bundling. And create happier customers by improving order quality and cutting delivery times.

US Patent 8,245.020 B1

Our configuration engine isn't just patently better, it's patently innovative. Our Declarative Constraint Engine is why (with seven patents to prove it).

Declarative Constraints are simply rules: how product combinations or choices can be configured and priced. When you build your CPQ on our engine, you set the rules—in plain English, not code—and change them whenever you need. Then, when a customer requests a quote, reps see every approved configuration and pricing available. If they try something against set rules, it's rejected. No going off script.

Start your engines

Every enterprise has its own unique brand of complexity. For each, the challenges are different. Out-of-the-box solutions might solve some things, but they don't go deep enough to get the job done right, or scale with business growth. Our Configuration Engine lets you turn complexity into sales that drive your business forward.

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