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The truth about adoption—
Even the best technology is useless unless people actually use it.

Aggregating data, automating workflows, self-generating reports are powerful functions. But they need to be fully embraced by your teams in order to meet your goals. Determine™ adoption and training plans will help users recognize the value of our solutions and how to reap maximum benefits.


The Jump Start program helps drive solution adoption across the enterprise with user support training, subdomain housekeeping, coaching, and the development and leveraging of templates. We use the Four "I" System approach to build a custom program of services and offerings with "high-touch" or "low-touch" options that support your current and future needs.

The Four "I" System is our 4-stage process playbook that helps create your customized program of blended software and services:

  • Investigate – Collect data, articulate goals and recognize current roadblocks.
  • Interpret – Assess your current situation, analyze information and link it to future outcomes.
  • Identify – Design high-level options and roadmaps, develop KPIs, establish a milestone-based plan, and create an executive and stakeholder communication strategy.
  • Implement – Execute the strategy, lock-in patterns of success, roll out the milestone-based plan, track KPIs, make ongoing adjustments and deploy a communication plan.

User Training

Role-based user training programs ensure maximum results from our platforms. Training also provides practical context for users, so they see exactly when and how to use specific features and functionality for getting the results they want.

Choose from a standard menu of training topics, or request a custom training program unique to your needs, workflow and other parameters.

Determine user training programs*

  • Instructor-led Training – Train users on how to best leverage all the features and functionality of our solutions. Training sessions include lectures and hands-on activities. We provide both classroom and virtual classroom options.
  • Quick Reference Guides – Provide users with information specific to tasks or features in the application.
  • Online Tutorials – Provide basic, just-in-time training and refreshers for users with various levels of experience.
  • Webinar Training – Designed to quickly provide the user community a high-level overview of our solutions: how to navigate the software and access key features and functionality. Webinars are led by expert Determine product professionals.

* For specific sourcing training, users can qualify for the Institute of Supply Management's (ISM) A.P.P, C.P.M and/or CPSM continuing education requirements (CEHs).