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Implementation in action—
Getting your initiative on the right track.

With decades of experience implementing solutions across a range of industries, Determine's proven launch programs are designed to speed your success. For every solution, we provide you with detailed steps and the support your team requires to kick-start it within the organization—in one office or multiple locations worldwide.

It starts with listening

We take the time to listen, understand and respond to your needs quickly. With your help, we'll gain a deep understanding of your unique goals and business challenges—the most critical part of your launch program. Determine™ field-tested launch process will take you from kickoff to final rollout with complete confidence.

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Defining success

Determine launch process is focused on answering one question: How do you define the successful implementation of software at your organization?

We'll help you establish goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Calls and meetings lead off with a review of those objectives, with status updates to track implementation progress. Closer to go-live, training kicks in via Web conference or on-site, and a detailed implementation plan is provided.

The launch phase concludes with the implementation manager collaborating with your client success manager on next steps, with our support services on tap for all your technical and how-to questions.