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Contract Management so configurable, so powerful, it benefits buy side and sell side equally

Enterprise Contract Management solutions from Determine.

When it comes to contracts, enterprises can't afford to be complacent. You're asked to do more than just manage them effectively throughout your organization. To mitigate risk, maximize compliance and prevent revenue loss, you need absolute control.

Why contract management is not mere managing of contracts – Report from Aberdeen Group.

Determine™ empowers you to treat contracts not as records to be filed away, but as live documents that are dynamic, transparent and critical to driving business value. Whether you deploy contract management at departmental levels such as procurement or legal, or business-wide, you'll achieve unmatched visibility and control. Stakeholder collaboration is made possible across silos and processes to ensure compliance on every level.

Determine's integrated approach to CLM is configurable and powerful enough to provide the deep capabilities leading companies require. As you grow, our enterprise capabilities in CLM give you the ability to scale up and extend out to a wide variety of stakeholders such as procurement, sales and legal. We are always there to enable the next phase of your journey, to help you achieve your vision.

The global economy is generating wider varieties of contracts, many more stakeholders and increased regulatory requirements. With Determine, you'll be ready for the challenges ahead.

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All our solutions are built to run on the Determine unified platform. Start with one or two applications to meet your immediate needs, then add more capabilities as you need them. You'll achieve exponential results—seamlessly.