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The Determine CLM App for Salesforce let's you manage your sell-side contracts easily, right in

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Determine solutions enable you to focus on making better, more informed decisions and delivering sustainable bottom line impact.

Determine pioneered modular, integrated best of breed source-to-pay and contract management solutions on a single cloud platform. Our unique format enables companies in highly regulated industries to implement as few or as many solutions as they need for accessible cost of entry, lower TCO and faster ROI.

  • A single source of data for complete spend and risk control
  • Dynamic workflows for agility and collaboration
  • Total adaptability to existing processes
  • Complete self-service user configurability without the need for costly IT resources
  • Meet your spend, contract and risk goals now, and add on more functionality quickly and easily as business needs grow

Source to pay and contract management
that start smart and get even smarter.

Determine Source-to-Pay Platform

From core to cloud, our source-to-pay and contract management solutions make you more effective in your spend management efforts. Each one is a process powerhouse; together they’re unbeatable. Whatever your needs dictate—one or multiple—we’ll design an implementation plan that will have you delivering immediate results and compound for years to come.

Determine now offers powerful
sell-side CLM capability on Salesforce!

Determine CLM Salesforce App

The Determine CLM App for Salesforce empowers sell-side contract creation directly in opportunities. That means managing your contracts in one place with one familiar user experience, automated workflow features that accelerate business, and seamless integration with Determine Contract Management, ensuring compliance and collaboration throughout your organization.

In business, you don’t want surprises.
With Determine Alerts, you won’t have any.

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Determine OutLoud

The Powerful Voice of the Customer.

Rose Lee, Chief Customer Officer at Determine, talks with Kelly Barner in this OutLoud podcast about why “active listening” to customers is critical to achieving success. Along with building relationships and providing great service, the powerful voice of the customer can also reveal a lot of insight and wisdom.


Find out the ROI impact to your bottom line.

What is not using our solutions costing you in delayed savings, unmanaged spend and unrealized revenue? Use our ROI calculator and follow the money to the bottom line.


Flip the switch to turn on solutions you need.

Modular, integrated, seamless. Organizations are all striving for increased agility and deeper capabilities. With Platformance, you can simply add more solutions as your needs grow.


How to find a solution that’s right for you.

Not sure exactly which solution or combination will achieve your goals fastest and most efficiently? Plug in your needs and our assessment tool will guide you.

Communication Company

Procurement ended up paying for ourselves 70 times!

~ Fortune 500 Communication Company


We have partnered with Determine to create an end-to-end purchasing solution that provides better visibility of our variable project costs in a dynamic marketing environment. Our procurement solution has become our strategic application that we will continue to deploy globally.

~ VP Global Financial Systems

Cushion & Wakefield

The excellent tools and support from Iasta [now Determine] have proven to be a strong foundation upon which to build our sourcing process.

~ Cushman & Wakefield


By automating our procurement process, Determine [b-pack] drives better purchasing management, from contracts to invoicing, as well as a better price negotiation power.

~ Stéphane Dubois, General Resources Manager

Why Determine®

Our Holistic Approach

Individual solution insights, big picture view; only we give you both. End-to-end source-to-pay and contract management solutions, Business Process Management engine, advanced analytics, Open API and business network combine full visibility with total control.

Our Pedigree

Our 40+ collective years of pioneering experience provide you with a heritage of innovation and unparalleled depth of capabilities. Determine is truly unique. No other firm out there today can boast the same level of collective experience in strategic sourcing, contract management and procure to pay.

Industry Recognitions

There’s a lot riding on your initiatives, and you want someone with a reputation for getting things done. Recognized by leading analyst firms including the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave and others, we provide you with absolute confidence of solutions that have been vetted by both industry pundits and practitioners.

Our Solutions

Unmatched scalability, configurability, agility. Our suite of source-to-pay and contract management solutions become truly your own through customized applications and seamless integration with whatever systems you’re running.

Our Technology

At the heart of our solutions is the Determine BPM Engine. From enhanced security to dynamic workflow, application integration, audit trail and more, it’s the most powerful tool for you to turn business process complexity into simple competitive advantage.

Our People

We’re a pioneering industry leader because of our people and their unprecedented knowledge base. Many as former practitioners in the field, we know source to pay and contract management best practices better than anyone because we developed them. Just ask the leading companies that turn to us.

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