About us

Best-of-breed Selectica, Iasta and b-pack united on a cloud platform.

What drives us.

Determine is a global provider of industry-leading cloud solutions that help organizations gain complete visibility into their data; turn it into valuable insights; and achieve total control to make more intelligent, confident business decisions. Through end-to-end source-to-pay and contract management, our next-generation tools empower you to proactively eliminate risks, cut costs and save money.

One platform. One promise. Infinite possibilities.

The Determine platform and suite are a constantly evolving ecosystem growing out of the creativity in our DNA and the needs of our customers. At the core is our Business Process Management (BPM) engine, providing optimized management of master data and complex business processes. It runs through our advanced solutions suite, all wrapped in the most advanced analytics available. A single platform powering a single source of truth.

Our DNA: Where did it all come from?


Determine's DNA

Where do we go from here?


Our vision of an ideal world

We’re constantly innovating and refining to stay ahead of the curve. Our vision is to continue taking the countless possibilities of the cloud, Big Data and third-party partners, and tapping that to drive better processes, achieve more connectivity, create seamless accessibility. One platform, infinite possibilities.


Getting there with the best minds in the business

Our dedicated employees in six countries around the world are driving the future of technology. How? Through creative energy that turns imagination into realization, fueling new advances, new approaches, new solutions.


Growing with our customers

Our customers are our greatest assets. They drive us to invent and, in turn, our innovations help them transform. By working together to understand their needs, we can then work to fulfill those needs. This symbiosis is what pushes the envelope on delivering beyond expectation.

Let us power your journey.

Our name, Determine, stands for delivering conclusions through analysis; what we do is deliver confidence. Results. We’re constantly breaking new ground in contract management and source-to-pay solutions, using our expertise and experience to help customers successfully turn pain points into insights, and challenges into bottom-line results. We’re ready to help power your enterprise journey.