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February 22, 2018

February DetermiNews: A Review of the Month in Source to Pay and Contract Management

February DetermiNews: A Review of the Month in Source to Pay and Contract Management

If February DetermiNews could be summed up in one word, it would be “contracts.” This month, starting with our IACCM webinar on January 31, looked at contracts and how to best manage them with technology, internal processes and C-Suite level strategic focus. Contracts represent relationships, revenue and risk to every organization. Making sure yours maximize the first two and mitigate the third is what Determine does for a growing number of leading companies across industry verticals.

As Determine’s Chief Customer Office, Rose Lee, said in her blog 3 quick tips on using CLM to work smarter and faster, make your contracts work for you, across the enterprise. Contracts aren’t some lifeless piece of documentation describing a finite point in time. They are your most valuable business assets, with the (potential) power to achieve real sustainable results or keep you awake at night. It’s all in how you create, manage and leverage them. But for sure, they are there to be used – exploited even – to your best advantage, whether for procurement, supplier management, sales or anywhere else in your enterprise.

A lot of how well you can do that depends on the planning and homework you do up front, as explained by Michael Behne, VP of Professional Services at Determine. In his OutLoud podcast, he and Kelly Barner discuss what makes for a successful implementation and adoption. The short answer is, don’t think about solution features, think about how you will be able to add overall value to your department, division and / or company as a whole. The analogy they offer relates to hammers: you don’t need the most elaborate and expensive, you just need something to start driving nails.

Conversation with Micheal Behne, VP of Professional Services at Determine

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