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August 1, 2019

July DetermiNews: A Review of the Month in Source-to-Pay and Contract Management

July DetermiNews: A Review of the Month in Source-to-Pay and Contract Management

The heat was on in July, so we focused on helping you keep your cool when it comes to procurement technology with our P2P Starter Kit. Regardless of where your organization is on the procurement maturity curve, or what your comfort level regarding procurement solutions, our toolkit is designed to make sure you have the basics down, the facts in hand and everyone’s expectations properly managed. So you’re cool with this, right?

The Determine Procure-to-Pay Starter Kit

The month started off with our P2P 101 Guide, which is the logical first step if you need a primer on exactly what constitutes “procure-to-pay.” There are no hard and fast rules about which stages are included in a full purchasing process, so we laid out how we approach the procurement lifecycle, along with the challenges and solutions for each.

Kelly Barner gave her inimitable take on P2P basics, and also introduced Part 2 — Cloud P2P Myths — with the help of no other than Scooby-Doo and the gang. Together they kicked the mystery out of lingering cloud misconceptions (yes, they still do exist) and why these corporate “urban legends” persist.

Part 3 offered a reality check on procurement technology deployments by exposing 10 Common Pitfalls of P2P Implementation in our Survival Guide. While a solution implementation can seem daunting, it is a well-worn road on which others have made mistakes so you don’t have to. From stakeholder inclusion to phased rollouts, we show you the missteps and how to avoid them in your technology future.

Speaking of the future, Matt Clark, President and COO of Corcentric, gave his insights on the company’s path ahead in a summarized article from French procurement publication La Lettre des Achats. One highlight: you can’t have a truly excellent technology offering unless you have the services to go with it. As you’ll read in the survival guide, there are no “lightswitch” implementations.

As you plow through your stack of summer reading, enjoy this July DetermiNews:


The Determine Procure-to-Pay Starter Kit

Start Smart.

P2P technology is all about knowing the facts.  Download >>

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Enlightened View.

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Matt Clark, President & COO of Corcentric in Lettre des Achats

Chat d’Achats.

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Solid Grounding.

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Visual Reinforcements.

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