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May 31, 2018

May DetermiNews: A Review of the Month in Source to Pay and Contract Management

May DetermiNews: A Review of the Month in Source to Pay and Contract Management

If necessity is the mother of invention, then reinvention must be the offspring of a continuous improvement process. Back in flight school, there was an industry group with a major professional education component, whose slogan was “When you’re good, you’re always learning.” The more source-to-pay professionals and practitioners I meet, and the more research and whitepapers I read, that same slogan could easily apply to procurement, sourcing and contract management, as well. As one Determine customer sagely told me at a recent User Group, “Comfort zones makes me uncomfortable.”

Webinar: Ardent Partners 2019-ePayables Technology Advisor

Determine does a lot of learning, courtesy of our incredible customers, as discussed by Chief Customer Officer Rose Lee with Kelly Barner in this month’s OutLoud podcast. She describes the art of “Active Listening” – and how customer feedback and revelations translate directly into process improvement and successful outcomes. Speaking of speaking out, Dave Quillin, Head of Procurement and Third-Party Risk Management at customer Alliant Credit Union, shared his company’s path from no software to multiple solutions on the Determine Cloud Platform. Surprisingly, it’s not uncommon: we hear from a lot of companies who are still laboring in the Manual Age (i.e., word docs, spreadsheets, homegrown programs).

Making that transition – and transformation – requires changing mindsets first. Kelly ripped off some pretty sensitive band-aids (based on social media reactions) when she explored the changing approach to strategic sourcing by CPOs and procurement teams. The topic came right out of our CPO Rising 2018: The Age of Intelligence webinar with Ardent Partners, and parlayed into a second article about what it takes to “freshen up” the thinking around sourcing; fresh perspectives can come from anywhere, you just have to be open to them.

Once the mindset is changed, making the move to implementation of a solution is best served by exhaustive planning first. Kevin Turner, SVP of Customer Success, lays out the three stages of how to pre-game customer success through a phased implementation approach. Taking a very considered, carefully measured strategy can seem tough when all you want to do is go-live, but as Mr. Quillin mentions, don’t short-change your planning process.

On a final note, Spend Matters included Determine on the 50 to Know provider list…again. It’s all because of our valued customers that we are achieving a consistent and growing string of accolades. So, thank you.

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