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October 29, 2019

October DetermiNews: Monthly Review of S2P & CLM

October DetermiNews: Monthly Review of S2P & CLM

Being SupplierCentric: A look back at a month of resources.

Approaching supplier relationships the same way as customer relationships is the easiest path to building trust and long-term shared value. Constant communication, a focus on process automation and transparency are all key to getting your supplier relationships to a place where they can do your organization the most good. And vice versa.

Webinar: Ardent Partners 2019-ePayables Technology Advisor

When you stop to think about all the ways suppliers, vendors and other 3rd parties are intwined with your organization, from sourcing to sales, it’s hard to understate just how critical they are to your continued success. Getting the best out of them, as is the case with any relationship, often means a bit of give-and-take. Whether you’re talking about technology, goals or processes, making sure both sides come out winners is the most effective way to keep everyone engaged, committed and motivated.

One last thing — if you haven’t already registered, be sure to save your seat for our webinar with Ardent Partners, 2019 ePayables Technology Advisor. It’s great information for how to shortlist providers to create a more effective RFP, regardless of what technology you’re shopping for.

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