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October 4, 2018

September DetermiNews: A Review of the Month in Source to Pay and Contract Management

September DetermiNews: A Review of the Month in Source to Pay and Contract Management

Contracts, in one form or another, have probably been around as long as humans. There isn’t much written on the topic until Plato got around to it in 348 BC, and even he doesn’t go into much detail. Fast forward to today, and contracts are a fact of life. Business is built on contracts, and their importance can’t be overstated. So it is a curious thing that Determine still encounters so many companies using manual or spreadsheet-based contract management processes. It’s almost as if they’re treated as inconsequential afterthoughts, rather than invaluable assets. In this September DetermiNews, we explore a month of resources focused on contracts and how to best manage and leverage them.

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From CLM ROI to a PayStream Advisors webinar, Artificial Intelligence, research and more, September DetermiNews brings you up to speed:

Blog - Chatbots the future of eprocurement

Speaking of…

Chatbots are going to simplify your job. Read On >>

5 Reasons Why You Need a Contract Management Solution

Asset Management

Optimize your process to maximize value. Read On >>

Sourcing and contract management webinar on-demand

Learning Opportunity

Turn contract trends into technology practice. Watch Now >>

2197 PayStream Sourcing & CLM Insight Report

Companion Piece

This is your reading guide for the webinar above. Download >>

Technology, media and telecommunications need ECLM blog

High Stakes

TMT companies need high-powered contract oversight. Read On >>

CLM Self Service Part 1


Contract efficiency needs a DIY strategy. Read On >>

CLM ROI Infographic Blog

Efficiency Gains

Two steps to maximizing your contract ROI. Run the Numbers >>

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