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August 1, 2017

Three Steps to a Smooth & Easy Implementation

Three Steps to a Smooth & Easy Implementation

When you buy a new car, driving off the lot should be the easiest part of the process. For us, implementation should be the same as driving off the lot. As discussed in a recent OutLoud podcast, to achieve this we align three key aspects: Communication, resources, and a very user-friendly UI.

Tech terminology: Speaking the same language.

The biggest challenge in any implementation is making sure everyone is speaking the same language (sometimes literally, considering the global breadth of our roll-outs). Every company has terminology they use internally to meet the needs of their culture and processes. We take the time to understand and align our terminology so that customers feel comfortable using the terminology they are used to. We even go as far to include a language editor on the Determine Cloud Platform that allows us to rename most of the fields in the system according to customer requirements.

Translating data into processes.

Once you’re using the same language, the next step is having the right team to convert abstract amounts of data and processes into the system. Our team of Business Consultants are exactly that: they have years of expertise around Supplier Management, P2P, and Contract Management solutions. Combined with an in-depth knowledge of the platform, and you have the perfect recipe for business translation.

Easy access through a simple interface.

With communication aligned, data organized and everyone eager to move on with the implementation, the only step left is having a highly usable system. This is the final piece to a successful implementation, because, after all, what use is a fancy new solution if no one can figure out how to use it? It is almost mandatory these days for a company to say their system is super user-friendly and easy-as-online-shopping. Some get close, but the simple and sharp interface found within the Determine Cloud Platform, based on the advanced principles of Google’s material design, really stands out for its consumer-like approach. The system has been organized in a way that mirrors the apps most people use on their phones, and with repetition of screen/process flow on every screen I don’t know how it could get much easier.

With these three aspects all aligned, implementing software becomes more of a game/race rather than work, and that’s the way we do things. My favorite part around this process is always making it possible for customers to truly just drive off the lot and start using the system right away.

Three Steps to a Smooth and Easy Implementation:

  1. Align communication and terminology so everyone is speaking the same language
  2. Get the right team with the right background converting your data and processes
  3. Ensure you have a simple-to-use system so users are up and running fast with minimal or no training

Sound oversimplified? It’s not. Regardless of what stage of digital transformation your company is in, or what type of solutions you currently use, we can show how easy it is to get to the next level – contact us for a demonstration. Also check out the huge archive of resources on the site – starting with why a cloud platform is looming on your horizon.

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