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A Corcentric Company.
April 16, 2019

A New Chapter: Determine, a Corcentric company

A New Chapter: Determine, a Corcentric company

Introducing… Determine, a Corcentric company.

Last week, Determine (yes, that’s us!) was officially acquired by Corcentric. Founded in 1998 and based out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Corcentric is a leader in procurement and finance solutions that strives to provide a competitive advantage to organizations, enabling them to reduce the cost of growth and, in turn, empowering them to do more for their customers, employees, and the world. Oh – and they have quite the track record, too.

  • 20 years of profitable growth
  • 500+ employees
  • 12 satellite offices between US and Europe
  • 6,000+ customers
  • 95% customer retention rate

A Match Made for Procurement

In this exciting new chapter, Determine and Corcentric are aligning to provide a truly holistic portfolio of solutions. The companies share many of the same ideals and values, as well as a common vision for a connected future. Corcentric’s overreaching goal is to maximize the opportunities to utilize Determine’s cloud platform to improve the products, services, and capabilities to customers across both organizations.

“This acquisition is significant for Corcentric as it enables us to further expand our portfolio of source-to-pay solutions for customers in the United States and Europe. Determine provides a comprehensive cloud platform that seamlessly integrates with other technologies to help companies improve financial performace and reduce operational risk. This acquisition enables the combined organization to provide a holistic and broad set of capabilities encompassing strategic sourcing and procurement consulting, a unified cloud platform for source-to-pay and contract lifecycle management, and comprehensive payment and financing solutions to improve working capital,” – Matt Clark, President and COO, Corcentric

The strength of both companies will enable organizations to realize value across the entire source-to-pay continuum. Determine, a Corcentric company, is excited to keep you updated as we integrate capabilities over the next several months; providing a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, and continued innovation and investment.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about the capabilities of Determine, a Corcentric company, feel free to contact us.

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