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May 14, 2019

Achieving Duality in Supplier Management: Technology + Talent

Achieving Duality in Supplier Management: Technology + Talent

A conversation with Anéliya Riminchan, Product Director of Sourcing for Determine, a Corcentric company

Supplier management encompasses the entire end-to-end procurement process. Getting the most out of our external supply partnerships requires consistent investment in supplier qualification and onboarding, supplier information management, supplier relationship management, and supplier risk and performance management.

But just as supplier management is not one thing, a sustainable solution must be multifaceted. The best way for procurement to excel in this area is to combine the strengths of convenient automation and collaborative human relationships.

But which should lead the way: humans or tech? The answer, according to Anéliya, involves careful balance and a mutually beneficial exchange. Procurement’s approach to supplier management has to align with overall enterprise strategy but there is also an opportunity for best-in-class tools to challenge and inspire our processes.

Digitalization is unavoidable, and if we want to position ourselves to succeed tomorrow, our work today has to include solid data management practices – especially where third parties are concerned. From traditional areas of focus like innovation and risk mitigation to new opportunities like AI and RPA, supplier management will continue to be one of the highest ROI opportunities for strategic procurement organizations.

In this discussion, Anéliya will answer questions such as:

  • How important is it to establish the core priorities of a supplier management framework?
  • As procurement’s value proposition expands to include more than savings, how should our approach to supplier management change?
  • What will the future of supplier management look like – especially with regard to the delicate balance between digital and relational trends?

Thanks for listening in.

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