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August 18, 2016

August Determinews: Time to catch up on your summer reading

August Determinews: Time to catch up on your summer reading

August Determinews: Time to catch up on your summer reading

If your summer reading list was more about John Grisham and Paula Hawkins than the latest in S2P and ECLM, now’s a good time to catch up. Along with being hard at work on innovating (including the release of our new 16.6 platform), we’ve been sharing lots of content. So if you missed some of our blogs, here’s a selection of our popular summer hits.

Enjoy the rest of the season. As always, please feel free to contact us with any comments at


Team Success

In the news

Movers and Shakers

By moving our headquarters to Carmel, Indiana in June, we now have even more customer focus and support capabilities. Determine CEO Patrick Stakenas gives you the details in this video (along with an intro by Governor Mike Pence).

Trendsetters: Must-read blogs of the summer

BLG_CFOperspective2Beyond the Numbers: S2P and ECLM from the financial perspective.

Collaboration is all about understanding, and there’s no better way to broaden your perspectives than to take the other guy’s point of view. That’s exactly what Determine CFO John Nolan does in this five-part hit series. Take a look at what’s behind the numbers for yourself.
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On the Curve of Innovation Part 1: The Value of Material DesignThe Curve of Innovation: Defining what a modern platform is…or should be.

In technology, having a vision is not enough: you have to be able to realize and deploy it to the benefit of customers. In this four-part series, Constantine Limberakis, VP of Product Marketing, breaks down innovation – and our new 16.6 release platform – into revealing chunks. From UI/UX and Moore’s Law to bespoke catalogs, you’ll see how we turn vision into reality.
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Testimonial Video

Postcard from France: Our solutions translate as “fantastique.”

A satisfied customer is worth a thousand words – whatever language they’re in. In the case of RCI Banque, those words are in French. As Jean Christophe Labarre, Procurement Director explains their search, implementation and full adoption of Determine solutions exceeded their objectives very quickly. It’s an interesting company, and an inspiring success story. On y va.

Spotlight On: Whitepapers

We may not be on the New York Times bestsellers list (yet), but for relevant plot line, great character development and storybook endings, here are some must reads:

The Rise of the Platform is Procurement’s Future – Spend Matters
What really is a platform, and why are software companies pulling the proverbial wool over eyes?

Budgeting for Electronic Procurement – Paystream Advisors
The Value of Advanced Budgeting Software for eProcurement Success.

E-Invoicing: Diagnose if Your Deployment and Solution is World-Class – Spend Matters PRO
Learn the five key elements needed to diagnose the scope, capability and coverage of your e-invoicing deployment.

E-Invoicing: What it Takes to Get to World-Class – Spend Matters PRO
Find out what is takes to align procurement and accounts payable (A/P) with broader business outcomes.

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