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November 22, 2016

Big Data, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics will drive future enterprise performance.

What value does the Determine Cloud Platform add? How can its Big Data offering assist buyers? And what advantages are offered by the predictive and prescriptive analytics developed by Determine?

In mid-September, I was interviewed about recent and forthcoming developments of Determine’s Cloud Platform Source-to-Pay and Contract Management solutions, which cover the entire finance procurement process. The original interview appeared in the French procurement magazine, Décision-Achats.

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November 8, 2016

Investing in Corporate Governance to Ensure Compliance

Governance and compliance are terms that are often used interchangeably to describe the “law and order” part of procurement’s responsibilities. That being said, they are not quite the same thing. Governance captures the rules in place regarding purchasing and spend management, while compliance is the adherence to (and/or enforcement of) those rules. In a perfect world, governance is what you do and compliance is what you get in return.

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September 13, 2016

What Do Procurement Organizations Need Most? Answer: Agility & Flexibility

One idea that has not changed, nor will ever change for procurement, is the importance of managing cost. In fact, procurement’s raison d’être, headed by the Chief Procurement Officer or other procurement executive, is and always will be focused on controlling cost; but it increasingly requires the adaptability to adjust to the world around it.

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August 16, 2016

Featured Resource: Improving Retail Procurement Insights

Featured Resource: Improving Retail Procurement Insights

Thinking Beyond Cost for Delivering Innovation

Whether addressing merchandising or non-merchandising spend, retail is facing some big challenges. Regulation, compliance and pressure to manage supply base against performance and risk are increasing. The retail industry in particular runs a high supply chain risk – perhaps the highest of any industry segment. This creates a need for better awareness of sourcing processes and supplier management.

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July 21, 2016

On the Curve of Innovation — Part 3: Enabling Collaboration & Self-Service with Workflow

Use flexible workflow as a driver for collaboration & self-service

Making your organization run efficiently requires that you are able to take a clear and honest look at your workflows as they were designed. With the right enterprise technology, you not only can do this, but can also easily collaborate and communicate the business process you intended for those workflows, while enabling self-service capabilities to meet the demands of a wide variety of users. Continue Reading