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February 5, 2019

The Determine Contract Management App for Salesforce: Empower your bottom line.

The Determine Contract Management App for Salesforce: Empower your bottom line.

Harness the power of Determine Contract Management, directly in your Salesforce opportunities.

For those who aren’t that familiar with Salesforce, here’s a little background. Salesforce, a global giant and the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, helps companies customize, personalize, track, and analyze prospect and customer journeys. Boasting over 150,000 customers, the cloud-based platform provides its clients with insight, visibility, and control into their sales cycles – all the way from developing a new sales lead to the decision of “Let’s Do Business.” That’s why so many sales teams — likely yours — rely on it.

But what about the rest of your company? Somewhere, outside of Salesforce, the legal team is ensuring sales people are using the correct paper, going through countless red-lining passes. The back-and-forth bottleneck between internal teams is slowly taking the velocity out of closing the deal and onboarding your new vendor. Eventually – hopefully – back in Salesforce, that sales lead becomes a client and the customer relationship continues to be monitored.

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But what if I told you a day would come where the contracting process no longer created a “moment of silence” in the customer journey? Where there was a way to initiate, manage, and have full visibility of 100% of your contracts — right in Salesforce? There is.

Today, Determine launches the Determine Contract Management App for Salesforce. It empowers teams to manage all sell-side contracts directly within Salesforce, while collaborating directly with approvers and managers handling both buy-side and sell-side contracts in our cloud-based Determine Contract Management solution.

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Let’s take a look at how the new Determine Contract Management App for Salesforce changes the game for the players on each team — and how barriers in sales and contract workflow are a thing of the past.

Sales Teams

With the Determine Contract Management App, the sales team makes all contract requests directly from a Salesforce opportunity. NDA’s, standard contract agreements, and more – sales has the ability to start the process without leaving their CRM, without sending an email to Frank in legal, and without losing velocity to get the deal done. Sales can track and monitor where the deal sits in contract workflow and approval, and once it’s completed, the app notifies sales that they’re ready to move forward. Now, there’s a contract synced with the right contact, account, and opportunity right in Salesforce. It’s that simple.

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Legal Teams

Managing both buy-side and sell-side contracts no longer has to be painful for legal teams. By syncing with all potential accounts, contacts and opportunities right in Salesforce, internal teams create requests directly from opportunities. Because our Contract Management App is seamlessly integrated with Determine Contract Management, legal is flagged automatically to begin the review and approval process. Receiving uniform contract requests that contain all the required information, funneled into a single system where legal can prioritize by time of receipt and other metrics, in one centralized database where you can view the entire life cycle of the deal – sounds like a dream come true, right?

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Now, organizations will never miss an opportunity to maximize the bottom line. The Determine Contract Management App for Salesforce opens up a world of collaboration possibilities with those upstream business and legal colleagues who don’t normally use Salesforce. Allowing you to create contract requests right in Salesforce opportunities with a simple, intuitive, and collaborative experience – the app provides 100% contract integration and automation – right on the Salesforce platform.

Buy-side, sell-side — Determine is on the user’s side. The Determine CLM Salesforce App is the simplest, most intuitive contract experience we’ve ever created. Self-service features enable sales teams to accelerate business and sales cycles by initiating contracts directly from opportunities. Automated functionality and streamlined guardrails make contract creation fast and collaborative, with a single source of data truth to make them accurate. It truly is about managing contracts where customer relationships are managed — Salesforce.”

— Patrick Stakenas, President, CEO and Director, Determine, Inc.

Ready to turn your contracts from documents into valuable, leverageable business assets? Find us on the AppExchange today, or contact us to schedule a personalized demonstration of the Determine Contract Management App for Salesforce.

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