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February 12, 2019

Determine Contract Management App for Salesforce: Product Sheet

Determine Contract Management App for Salesforce: Product Sheet

Expanding the value of contracts by leveraging relationships on the Salesforce platform.

As the leading authority on all things contract related, The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) has a truer picture of the current state of contracts at any given time than anyone. As such, IACCM looks at the impact of contracts and the relationships they represent beyond just the legal department, and they are big proponents of using contracts as “living documents” to maximize the potential they hold to benefit all parties involved.

That means, whether you’re in sales, procurement, marketing, legal or other department, contracts need to be a more fluid and dynamic part of working, not a dreaded process to be endured until the ink dries on the signatures. IACCM is also a big proponent of contract management technology to accelerate achieving these goals, by simplifying contract creation and lifecycle management through automation and the integration of data and people in a seamless workflow. In other words, eliminating all possible bottlenecks to effectively producing and using contracts.

In a recent blog post by Tim Cummins, President of IACCM, he wrote this eye-opening research finding: “This year’s IACCM benchmark study of the contracting process shows no improvement in typical cycle times for reaching contract signature. At a time when digitization and robotic process automation are streamlining many other business processes, the continued bottlenecks that delay contract closure are not good news .”

We launched the Determine Contract Management App on the Salesforce Appexchange last week specifically to be yet another conduit in helping eliminate bottlenecks. Put the power of contract requests in the hands of the people who need it urgently, integrated into the tools they’re already using, and suddenly you break down another barrier to establishing and reinforcing a (perhaps lucrative) relationship.

Our previous blogs look at the Determine Contract Management App for Salesforce from a benefit standpoint and as a simple tool, and you can read more about it on our web page or watch a demo and download yours on our Appexchange listing. The product sheet here gives you a good idea of how easy it can be for your organization to start leveraging your contracts and their potential to empower your bottom line:

Blog - Contract Management App for Salesforce Product Sheet Cover Image

Ready to see just how fast and easy it can be to accelerate your sales cycles and empower your bottom line with the Determine Contract Management App for Salesforce? Schedule a more detailed demonstration and start turning your opportunities into business results, or head over the the Salesforce Appexchange and download your app.

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