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October 19, 2015

Determine is Bringing Innovation Through Experience & Modernity

Determine is Bringing Innovation Through Experience & Modernity

Businesses today need to address the rising importance of innovation through experience. This applies not just to products, but to innovation in supply chains and business models, which are much harder to copy and to influence change.

Moreover, the idea of an open innovation model is providing a basis for how technology should function and behave in the future. Taking the best of what can be provided internally, then leveraging and collaborating what’s being provided by others, creates a unity in ideas that converts into a competitive advantage.

For technology providers managing source to pay, and wider supply management needs, the idea of rethinking innovation is a unique opportunity to develop a better platform ecosystem for managing the complex needs of their customers.

What this means is having a true business platform that allows organizations to build off a common core for managing large business process areas such as source to pay, while providing the flexibility to accommodate the specific content and business criteria across the enterprise like contract management, and the openness to connect to, and interoperate with external business frameworks for meeting the wider needs of the business.

With the concept of innovation through experience in mind, Determine is excited to announce the release of the Determine Platform. Our platform is the culmination of fifteen years of  “in the trench” delivery of enterprise solutions and services across distinct business processes within Strategic Sourcing, Contract Management and Procure to Pay.

Unlike our competitors, each of Determine’s solutions has evolved in their own course, and have been battle-tested by hundreds of enterprise implementations globally.  While considered visionaries in their own right, the Determine platform unifies the knowledge and development experience of three best-in-class solutions onto a modern, unified and agile technology platform. This union provides a new level of innovation through new synergies that have only just begun to unfold.

For our customers this means a new level of confidence that our platform works in real-world scenarios. Because the solution is delivered on a modern architecture and platform, we are equally confident that our platform meets the expectations of today’s user community and the complexity of today’s technology ecosystem.

In part 2 we will break down where Determine is unique in its DNA for taking on the challenge of the modern enterprise…

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