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December 15, 2016

Determinews: Celebrating 2016

Determinews: Celebrating 2016

Before you head off to enjoy the holidays, here’s wishing you a joyous season and a fantastic New Year.

I want to thank you for your interest in Determine. We had an awesome 2016, shaking up the procurement and contract management world with some of the most disruptive technology ever in the space:

  • The new Determine Cloud Platform – the most powerful, capable, scalable S2P and ECLM tool you’ve ever had to empower your teams to make decisions that will impact the bottom line.
  • The first real single UI intuitive enough to be used by all departments – a genuine consumer experience to finally gain total access and control of all your solutions in one place.
  • The most powerful shared platform you’ve ever experienced with robust workflow functionality and analytic capabilities spanning across supplier management, sourcing, procurement, invoicing and contracts – providing you one single source of data truth.
  • Rave reviews and rankings from all the top financial and industry analysts – Gartner, Forrester, PayStream, Spend Matters, giving you trusted validation of how much our solutions can do for you.

Companies tell us they are tired of the planned obsolescence with point solutions and cobbled-together “suites.” They’re turning to us for future-proof technology tools they can grow with – not out of – to achieve their goals.

By “empowering decisions” that drive success, our cloud platform lets you realize savings, manage complexity, mitigate risk and establish a competitive advantage—not just today, but for years to come.

I hope 2017 will be productive and successful for you. Let me know what we can do to help make that happen. Feel free to reach out to me with any comments at And, just in case you missed them, please enjoy the following “Best of 2016” resources.

Best of: Blogs

On the Curve of Innovation Part 1: The Value of Material DesignOn the Curve of Innovation: Series
Google material design is about making website experiences intuitive, familiar and easy. If you know how to search and shop online, you already know how to use our platform. Constantine Limberakis gives you the facts. Read on >>

P is for Procurement... except when it isn't.P is for Procurement… except when it isn’t
As technology evolves and blurs the line between Procurement as an entity and procurement as a process, Kelly Barner of Buyers Meeting Point explains how P2P is taking a strategic role across the S2P process. Read on >>

CFO Perspective Collaboration (Part 5 of 5)CFO Series: Beyond the Numbers
Collaboration in finance is just as essential as other areas – just different. Improving collaborative finance across companies is critical to delivering information that empowers decisions. John Nolan, CFO, explains. Read on >>

5 Benefits of Punchout Catalogs5 Benefits of Punchout Catalogs
A customer survey showed 31% use punchout catalogs, which connect directly to supplier catalogs right within a P2P application. It gives users an e-commerce buyer experience, with real-time information accuracy. Read on >>

Center Led Procurement: An IntroductionCenter Led Procurement: An Introduction
A newer, centralized model of procurement, where all acquisition goes through a single, central organization, allows teams to fully leverage corporate spend & drive standardized sourcing. Constantine Limberakis explains how. Read on >>

Best of: Resources

The Rise of the Platform is Procurement’s FutureProcurement, platforms and the future
As Spend Matters makes clear in this series, proactive procurement requires a cloud-based platform combining modular S2P solutions with shared data & integrated workflow. Here’s your single source of truth.
Download now >>

Source to Pay Advanced by a Business Centric Cloud PlatformS2P Advanced by a Business Centric Cloud Platform
Poor implementation processes lead to poor adoption of S2P solutions. Our newsletter featuring Gartner research outlines all the advantages of our modular solution approach on the Determine Cloud Platform.
Download now >>

Ardent Partners | Better Together: Linking CLM with SIM to Improve Third-Party Risk ManagementLinking CLM with SIM to Improve Third Party Risk
Ardent Partners explains why the combination of Supplier Information Management and Contract Lifecycle Management is the go-to line of defense against third-party risk for leading enterprises. It’s all about visibility.
Download now >>

Best of: Webinars

Contract Management: It’s time to think about the user!Procurement, platforms and the future
DIY self-service for enterprise users is common in procurement, sourcing, supplier management, etc. The same can be done for contracts while also driving compliance and managing risk – IACCM shows how.
Watch now >>

What Procurement Organizations Need Most: Flexibility & Agility | On-Demand WebinarS2P Advanced by A Business Centric Cloud Platform
To go from cost-cutting center to agility dynamo, procurement needs to be proactive with the help of technology. Tradeshift explains how the right tools enable collaboration, analytics and access – and flexibility.
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Improving Business Outcomes by Managing the Link Between Suppliers and Contract ManagementManaging the Link Between Suppliers and CLM
To mitigate 3rd-party risk, the closer the links between contracts and supplier management the better. IACCM and Protiviti steer that discussion and examine the role contracts play in driving business results.
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