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June 15, 2016

You don’t trust the Cloud? Think again…

You don’t trust the Cloud? Think again…

Gartner has the data: more than 90% of 2015’s deals were for cloud-delivered solutions and suites.*

Conversations about cloud solutions/SaaS computing always seem to circle back to security. Yet the fact is that most of us are already there. So many services are hybridized that it’s almost impossible to delineate where the cloud starts and on-premise leaves off.

Not surprisingly, the benefits of cloud-based computing are driving widespread adoption. While the pervasiveness is disruptive, it is also alleviating security concerns through application. In this blog, Constantine Limberakis of Determine investigates issues related to cloud computing for Procurement in 2016.

Cloud solutions, major advantages

For all intents and purposes, cloud computing is computing. In any discussion of SaaS computing today, security is still a common concern. However, as reported in a new white paper from Amazon Web Services, along with continual upgrades, better innovation and enhanced support, cloud computing may offer superior security and risk management to existing on-premise environments.

Given the benefits of reduced capex and maintenance, improved flexibility and increased reliability, many procurement organizations have fully embraced the use of SaaS applications. It’s almost impossible to delineate at this point where SaaS starts and on-premise leaves off – so many services are hybridized. If you’re using your smartphone, a tablet or web browser, you’re using the cloud through Apple, streaming video, posting to Facebook, etc. In fact, it has completely revolutionized technology as we know it. Conditioned by the Internet, we expect access to information anytime, anywhere with any device. That and the rise of mobile have forced companies (or convinced them) to adopt a cloud-first strategy. For procurement customers, this translates into greatly enhanced productivity—the whole idea of always being up and always being on.

These topics and others were also covered in a recent webinar, Understanding the Dynamics of Cloud Computing for Procurement in 2016, now available on-demand. Whichever technology you use, both of these resources are must-know for procurement professionals today.

* Gartner. “Modernizing Finance and Procurement Applications Primer for 2016.” 21 January 2016

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