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October 31, 2018

Success Story: How leading French publisher Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut retooled their Procure-to-Pay process in blitz mode.

Success Story: How leading French publisher Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut retooled their Procure-to-Pay process in blitz mode.

Valued Determine customer Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut (ELS) took up the challenge of achieving a Procure-to-Pay solution implementation in just 20 days. Gilles Grenier, IT Procurement Manager, reveals the best practices and methods used to achieve this successfully.

What was the motivation behind implementing a Procurement Solution at ELS?

In January 2015, all purchasing at Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut was centralized in order to be managed by my team. Having a very short time to implement a new solution, I was looking for a tool that is easy to integrate and quick to adopt, so I had to find a solution with an intuitive user interface.

I had met the Determine experts (formerly B-Pack) at Salon Solutions e-Achats (the major French procurement industry event) the previous October, in 2014. I discovered during a product demonstration that their procurement solution met the needs of my users thanks to its intuitive interface, which is similar to the biggest e-commerce sites.

Several independent and interconnected solutions were offered on an as-needed basis: Sourcing, Supplier Management, Procure-to-Pay and Contract Management. This modular format enabled us to get our feet wet by implementing the Procure-to-Pay module first. Secondarily, it will allow me to widen the functional spectrum of our application according to how our organizational needs evolve.

All in all, thanks to the ergonomics – the usability – of the solution, the quality of the Determine team and the upstream project preparation, we managed to complete the implementation in just 20 days.

Editions Lefebvre Sarrut success story diagram 1

In concrete terms, what did you do to ensure that the project never slowed down?

Before choosing the procurement solution, we performed several actions:

  • Modeling our processes and approval chains
  • Streamlining our supplier base
  • Retrieving our accounting classifications
  • Budget modeling for each cost center

The challenge was to align cost centers, accounting classifications, the processes in place and approval flows. Doing this critical preparatory work allowed us to focus later on the implementation of the solution. The Determine project team quickly modeled and integrated our processes into the tool thanks to Excel import / export. Following this, just 40 minutes of training was enough to get users up and running, and be comfortable using the solution.

Did users adopt and use the solution quickly?

Having a lot of experience with procurement solutions and implementations, I was afraid that users wouldn’t know how to use the platform and constantly be seeking my help. But the usability of Determine’s procurement solution is so simple that users quickly became self-sufficient, and now we have almost no help desk at all.

To date, 100% of users have adopted the tool. Determine offers full visibility into purchasing data that can be quickly extracted by buyers independently. Budget monitoring has become easier and more reliable. In addition, the procurement team’s administrative role in purchases has been significantly reduced. They can now focus on high value-added tasks such as RFx and sourcing.

What ROI has been achieved since going live on the Determine Cloud Platform at ELS?

The ROI of a procurement solution lies in its adoption. Determine’s procurement solution stood out thanks to the intuitive user interface and ease of administration. Time saving, feature/function updates, and real-time visibility into budgets, expenses incurred and availability — users quickly realized all the benefits of using the solution.

editions lefebvre sarrut - diagram 2 spend

The Procurement Department now manages the entire approval chain, and all stakeholders are able to communicate through a common tool. The risk of errors has been considerably reduced, and we have completely eliminated budget overruns.

editions lefebvre sarrut - diagram 3

If you’d like to see how your organization can achieve procurement transformation in blitz mode, too, schedule a personalized demonstration of our modular, integrated Procurement Solution on the Determine Cloud Platform.

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