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February 2, 2017

Entrepreneurial thinking, rockstar attitude.

Entrepreneurial thinking, rockstar attitude.

When I was invited to appear on Business Rockstars recently, the host, Mark Lack, asked me what I thought was the single most important piece of advice for entrepreneurs to achieve success. From my own experience as a business founder, owner and now as a source-to-pay and contract management corporate executive, what I tell entrepreneurs is, do your homework. It’s that simple.

Gather all the data you can, and analyze it. Because, no matter how great you think an idea is, or how groundbreaking a product, you need to know if anyone will buy it. To a lot of entrepreneurs, who are all excited and charged up about what they have, this basic piece of advice sounds like, “is that it?” Almost. You should also surround yourself with people who have complementary skills. For instance, if you’re great at sales, find someone who understands finance, and vice versa.

And it helps to have that rockstar attitude, that belief in yourself and confidence. If entrepreneurs and rockstars share one thing in common, it’s knowing the audience and giving them what they want. Rock on.

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