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July 28, 2016

July Determinews: Gartner, SpendMatters and The Next Big Thing

July Determinews: Gartner, SpendMatters and The Next Big Thing

July Determinews: Gartner, SpendMatters and The Next Big Thing

Summer may be a time for hammocks, the beach and tall, cool drinks with umbrellas in them, but not for us. We’re beating the heat by releasing some of our coolest technology features ever on the latest Determine Cloud Platform and Determine Core. They’re opening up brand new possibilities for collaboration and workflow across users, solutions, departments and entire enterprises. And it’s just the start. We’ve provided links below for you to learn more about the new release.

Enjoy your summer. As always, please feel free to contact us with any comments at


Team Success

Direct from the source: Panel discussion

As sourcing becomes much more strategic, sophisticated and complex, emerging innovative technologies are helping procurement professionals make smarter moves. Hear what the latest developments and best practices are direct from the source – Determine’s own Constantine Limberakis, VP of Product Marketing, joins the panel on Smarter Supplier Sourcing at the 2016 Executive Summit hosted by Arrowstream. Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.

Where: Wit Hotel, Chicago

When: July 27 – 28

Trending now: Must-read blogs of the month

Deciphering the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for P2P

Deciphering the latest Gartner Magic QuadrantWhen it comes to Gartner Magic Quadrants, it’s important to think outside the squares. Patrick Chabannes, Senior Solution Strategist at Determine connects the MQ dots to the underlying state of the industry, and pulls out some of the more notable trends and factoids that Gartner’s analysis reveals. While we’re proud to be in good company, and #1 in out-of-the-box functionality, there are a lot of interesting insights.
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On the Curve of Innovation

Contract management usersThe recent release of the Determine Cloud Platform sets a new standard. From user-first design and experience (UI/UX) across devices to multi-level workflow, shared data management and total mobile productivity, it’s redefining collaboration, process and solution integration. Constantine Limberakis, VP of Product Marketing, explains how in this series.

Part 1: The Value of Material Design

Understanding the rules of user engagement through Material Design is essential in elevating UI/UX, which is at the heart of our platform.
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Part 2: Establishing a Holy Triad of Data Management

The key to making a solution powerful is the ability to easily render master data, metadata and document management for understanding relationships.
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Part 3: Enabling Collaboration & Self-Service with Workflow

Getting work streams to flow efficiently across an enterprise requires users with self-service capabilities. See how you can maintaining control, security, compliance and auditability—yes, you can have it all.
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Beyond the Numbers

go beyond the numbers with spend analysis, contract managementLike every CFO, Determine’s John Nolan is constantly challenged to balance the needs of finance and accounting with those of procurement and legal. In this five-part blog series, he provides a few perspectives that seeks to learn from each department by getting a better understanding of the reasons and priorities behind their approach.

Series 1 of 5: Finance CFO Introduction

As a square peg in a fluid business environment, technology gives finance visibility, centralization and real-time access to information.
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Series 2 of 5: A CFOs View of Timing

Business moves at a frenetic pace, requiring finance to often make decisions before circumstances are certain. And there’s no margin for error.
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Series 3 of 5: The CFOs Bread and Butter: Compliance & Risk

Compliance—and the strict enforcement of it—is what separates CFOs from former CFOs.
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Spend Matter Research - Determine: Vendor SnapshotObjective Perspective: Spend Matters Research

A look at how Determine is leading the charge on rethinking procurement technology. Spend Matters Vendor Snapshot highlights our past and future on how a series of acquisitions forged the company’s vision and development to benefit its customers.
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