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February 6, 2017

A platform without compromises, performance without limits. We call it Platformance.

A platform without compromises, performance without limits. We call it Platformance.

Platformance isn’t about technology, but about what success looks like. It’s peak efficiency through powerful business processes and a single source of data: everyone working in unison to achieve more, faster and more easily. Platformance is when all your spend is managed, contracts leveraged and risk controlled. It’s about starting with exactly what you need to solve your problems now, and easily adding on more features to solve challenges as they show up.

Simplifying complexity. That’s Platformance.

But let’s back up – how did we get to this point? Determine stormed onto the source-to-pay and contract management scene last year after combining the pioneering expertise of Iasta, b-Pack and Selectica into one industry powerhouse. By introducing the first truly end-to-end cloud platform with modular solutions, an intuitive consumer UI, a purpose-built single code stack, and 100% unified single source of data across sourcing, P2P, suppliers and contracts, we put a stake in the ground and changed the game. It stands as a whole new benchmark.

In today’s high-stakes, higher-expectations business environment, old and complacent legacy supplier, procurement and contract management technology and functionality fails to keep up. Even highly-funded new IPO’s are not able to solve the increasingly complex sophisticated business demands of their customers, with all-or-none bolted-together disparate technologies lacking depth and flexibility.

While many say they have a platform, you should know that not all platforms are created equal.

Do more, get more, spend less. That’s Platformance.

One-to-ten billion dollar companies have similar business needs as those double the size, but most clearly don’t have the time, money or people to risk on good-for-now solutions that they’ll quickly outgrow or cobbled together suites with big expensive implementations.

So we tapped the innovation in our DNA to create a proprietary, from-the-ground-up cloud platform, the Determine Cloud Platform. It transforms the complete source-to-pay process like nothing else.

With the Determine Cloud Platform, you and your team will finally have:

  • Technology that is affordable, and easy to implement, maintain and grow.
  • A user experience intuitive enough to be used by everyone across business units and devices.
  • Modular solutions that let you start with one or two and add on as needed without reimplementing.
  • A single source of data truth that’s visible, accessible and spans the enterprise.
  • Business process management that links solutions and departmental workflows together.
  • Depth of capabilities that solve for immediate challenges, and when your needs grow.
  • Built-in self-service tools that really empower users across organization.

The result? Complexity is simplified and everyone is empowered to make decisions with confidence.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what top industry analysts are saying:

  • “No. 1 for out-of-the-box P2P functionality for projects”Gartner
  • “Competitors should take Determine’s efforts to build a true end-to-end S2P platform very seriously.”Spend Matters
  • Ranked as a strong performer with ideal solutions for enterprises.Forrester
  • “The holistic breadth and flexible design all make Determine a good choice.”PayStream
  • “Solution delivers enhanced functionality, connectivity and seamless contract accessibility that turns pain points to insights.”CIOReview

Even leading financial market analysts are calling out the Determine Cloud Platform:

  • “…a fully integrated platform…will be differentiated from peers in that customers can also buy each module separately. We expect that DTRM will have a competitive edge…” – Maxim Group
  • “…Determine’s new, integrated DCP can compete with any vendor in the space when it comes to Source-to-Pay and CLM.” – Lake Street Capital Markets
  • “We reiterate our belief that FY17 could be a pivoting point…with the release of the Determine Cloud Platform.” – Needham & Company

Empowering Decisions. That’s Platformance.

Imagine all people, processes, data and business units in an enterprise working in absolute synergy. Frictionless workflow, effortless collaboration, complexity simplified. Where easy-to-add features stay right in step as your needs grow, and all the breadth, depth and control you need is just one login away. That’s what happens when companies are on the Determine Cloud Platform.

That’s how we’re setting the pace for the industry – no compromises, no limits.

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