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February 14, 2019

Exploring the Operational Advantages of Salesforce-Integrated Contract Management

Exploring the Operational Advantages of Salesforce-Integrated Contract Management

The podcast series that’s all about minding your business in contract management and source to pay.

Determine recently announced their new Contract Management App for Salesforce. And while Salesforce is a big name in the B2B world, procurement professionals might understandably question what this means for teams outside of sales.


It is easy to forget that all companies have sales as well as procurement and that the two functions actually have a lot in common. Both rely upon external relationships to achieve their performance objectives. Both are heavy users of contracts. Both groups have to work closely with legal at certain points in their process. With all of this alignment, why do they need drastically different contract solutions?

At the end of the day, achieving a fast, simple effective contract process requires centralized information and ease of use. This remains true regardless of which enterprise function you identify with.

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Sales, procurement and legal all have a different focus and priorities, but they all need clear visibility into the contract process.

Documentation and technology notwithstanding, the real value of contracts is in their ability to represent relationships that exist beyond paper. Those relationships change over time, making information beyond the contract as important as the terms contained within it. When companies can centralize that information and make it accessible, they can also increase their return from the relationship as a whole.

In this discussion, Brendan will answer questions such as:

  • What opportunities exist for companies that leverage ALL of their contract information?
  • What risks are associated with a contract execution and review process that does not move at the speed of business?
  • What are the advantages of a contract process (and supporting technology) that make it easier for all interested parties to do their job?

Thanks for listening in.

Determine OutLoud is our podcast series that minds your business in source-to-pay and contract management. If you’d like to be a guest on Determine OutLoud, would like to suggest someone or have an idea for a topic, we’d love to hear from you.

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