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September 22, 2016

September Determinews: Autumn in the air

September Determinews: Autumn in the air

Labor Day’s just a few weeks past and already we’re at full tilt with summer a distant speck in the rearview mirror. Back-to-school may also be a thing of the past for most of us, but here at Determine the Source-to-Pay learning – and sharing – never stops. Risk is a big theme this month –what it is, where it is and how to control it.

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Team Success

Save the Date

Agility and Flexability Webinar CalendarWebinar: What Procurement Organizations Need Most – Flexibility & Agility
Organizations need to be more responsive and agile to thrive in this competitive digital age. Learn how procurement can not only take part – but take the lead – in making this happen. September 28, 11am ET / 8am PT Register Now! >>

New Customers Onboard

NatureOnaturéO is a growing 25-outlet French organic supermarket chain that chose us for our functionality, material design of our UI and the configurability of our Source-to-Pay Cloud platform. Read on >>

Alliant Credit UnionAlliant Credit Union, one of the largest in the US, turned to the Determine Cloud Platform to play a critical role in helping them manage compliance in the highly-regulated financial industry. Read on >>

Trending Now: Must-read Source-to-Pay blogs

Image of cheetah representing agilityWhat Do Procurement Organizations Need Most? Answer: Agility & Flexibility
Uncertainty is a fact of life in procurement. While managing cost is, and always will be the priority, the environment we operate in will require significantly greater agility and flexibility to adapt and succeed. In this blog, VP of Product Marketing, Constantine Limberakis details what efforts you’ll need to make – from talent to technology – to stay ahead of the changes. Read on >>

Time for legal to soar into the Cloud (Series 1 of 3)Time for Legal to Soar Into the Cloud
In this first of his three-part series, Determine General Counsel, Art Fisher, makes a solid case for why legal needs to be in the Cloud—right now. While a must read for legal teams, this is great information for anyone considering enterprise solutions (and to have an understanding on what keeps GCs up at night). Read on >>

Improving Insights Into Third-Party Risk (Series 1 of 4)Improving Insights Into Third-Party Risk: A Four-Part Series
Risk never sleeps. Your company can have an airtight policy, ironclad guardrails and total compliance—on the inside. But third-party/supplier risk requires a much more proactive solution to manage. See what Constantine Limberakis, VP of Product Marketing, has to say in these first three of four blogs. Part 1 >>, Part 2 >> and Part 3 >>

“Risk” Is in the Eye of the BeholderRisk is in the Eye of the Beholder: Managing third-party risk, before it becomes yours!
Since we’re on a risk roll, we’ll stick with it. Wherever you sit in an organization, the word “risk” means something specific to you. They’re all different, but all critical. In this blog, Sean Delaney, VP of Sales at Determine, explores risk evolution and how to turn measurement into alignment. Read on >>

Spotlight on Risk

ForresterThe Chinese have a saying: May you live in interesting times. And this sure is an interesting time for risk management, as this Forrester Research report shows. In Vendor Landscape: Supplier Risk And Performance Management, Duncan Jones, Vice President and Principal Analyst details 16 “Software And Services Providers That Can Protect Your Brand From Suppliers’ Mistakes.” Determine is one of those, as the blogs above demonstrate.

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