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June 9, 2016

Success Story: Marvell Semiconductor

Success Story: Marvell Semiconductor

Company name: Marvell Semiconductor (division of Marvell Technology)

Marvell Semiconductor, Inc., offers integrated circuit solutions using communications mixed signal processing and digital signal processing technologies. The company offers switching, wireless, PC connectivity, gateway and power management products, as well as transceivers and communications controllers. It also offers system-on-chip products, hard disk controllers, preamplifiers, motor controllers, and tape drive controllers. The company also provides storage products for hard disk drives and tape drive electronics and storage interconnect technology. Its products are used in computers, communications-related equipment and consumer devices.

Company location: Santa Clara, CA

Industry: High Tech, Semiconductor

Number of employees: 5000

Solution: Determine CLM

Replacing: Prodagio


  • Up to 5,000 users, most of which are placeholders
  • Migration of at least 2000 contracts (perhaps more on their own)
  • 1200 complex contracts generated per year, and thousands of NDAs

The Challenge:

Time is of the essence: The semiconductor industry margin is so tight that a delay of days in contract processing has a huge impact. Also the product development cycles are so fast that a product may be obsolete before the contract is done.

Legal Screaming Pain: Their old system was so broken that no one was using it. They implemented Imagatec Prodagio in 2008 and it was still not working in 2011, so everyone was circumventing the system. The intent was to start in legal and provide global access, but they never got it out of legal for multiple reasons:

  • Hard to use, so they don’t
  • User must use VPN (internal configuration)
  • Screen refresh can be up to 4 min.
  • Have to reboot server daily
  • Takes system admin to do minor tasks such as change title in document, add in fields, etc.
  • Internal processes built into the system are now bottlenecks and they can’t readily adjust

There were five Legal Counsel for the entire company. They did 1200 complex contracts per year and several thousand NDA requests. Without a CLM solution, nothing was self-serve. They couldn’t depend on the data or report on it, and had no full text search. Approvals had to be managed on the old system, but the process was so slow that management couldn’t respond in a timely manner. Items got lost, didn’t show in queue, or were in status for days. They were behind the curve…

The Determine CLM Solution

Determine showed leadership as a business partner. We held a (billable) requirements session to help them identify the current and to-be processes and participated in a hands-on POC bake-off (with over 40 end users). We went the extra mile and also put a system behind their firewall for performance testing with their remote sites (Israel). Our relationship with legal was collaborative and assisted in getting support from IT who were especially sensitive to senior level management concerns because of the previous challenges. We used workshops to quantify their costs and ensure our solution benefitted both parties.

The Determine CLM solution difference

  • Manage contracts during life of agreement (from request to signature to termination)
  • Track metrics throughout the contract lifecycle that provide the ability to measure growth and scalability
  • Streamline and systematize uniform contract formation – use of standard Marvell terms and conditions
  • Central repository of all commercial agreements (under WWCMP)
  • Automated document review and approval chains
  • Mobile approvals to expedite cycle time. This was critical in that their executives are traveling, especially in APAC. The previous technology was so cumbersome that approvals were taking weeks. Our mobile platform for iPhone brings that down to hours.
  • Managing contract categories
    • Technology Agreements: Such as Development agreements, Inbound technology, Outbound technology, Software, Sales, Patents, Standards/Consortium, Procurement (of technology), Manufacturing
    • Non-Technology Agreements:  Such as IT/MIS, Finance, HR, Marcom, Procurement (of non-technology), Facilities, Real Estate
    • NDA Extranet Bilateral Interface (NDA Request -> CLM -> Executed NDA)

Marvell Semiconductor is a global organization with offices in the U.S., Europe, Israel, India, Singapore and China. Our scoping workshops helped them identify their to-be business processes as part of an initial effort. With our assistance, they successfully cleaned up their processes and contract types. We came in on time and on budget to deliver all the benefits listed above and also configured a custom NDA Extranet Bilateral Interface (NDA Request -> CLM -> Executed NDA) with Intranet Web form to automate the NDA request process from the field.

Current status:

Today, Marvell Semiconductor is running a digital, automated, full contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution that handles all their complex contract and NDA needs. The Determine solution saves time, improves processes and provides analytics that help Marvell Semiconductor make smarter decisions, ensure compliance and extract value from negotiated contract terms and conditions.

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