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February 17, 2016

Success Story: eProcurement

Success Story: eProcurement

The Challenge

Over the last 10 years, sales of traditional CDs have declined as the music industry converted to digital formats. Within this context, Sony Music Entertainment, one of the world’s largest recorded music companies, needed a solution that would help them get better financial control—specifically focusing on their marketing spend. They decided to consolidate their Global financial systems into one centralized SAP system, to be deployed globally. In addition, Sony Music was looking for a purchasing solution that would standardize the purchasing process, and increase visibility and control over spend against the budgets.

Client Spotlight

Sony Music Entertainment, is the world’s second largest recorded music company. SME labels include Columbia Records, Epic Records, RCA Records etc.

In synchronization with SAP, Sony Music has rolled-out the Determine solution to more than 15 countries in Europe and North America. The deployment is still ongoing in other parts of the world today.

Sony Music Spotlight, Suppliers, Projects, and Integration


  • Create an end-to-end purchasing solution
  • Gain visibility and control over spend against the budgets
  • Make procurement processes more efficient

“We partnered with Determine to create an end-to-end purchasing solution that provides better visibility of our variable project costs in a dynamic marketing environment. The Determine solution has become our strategic application that we will continue to deploy globally.”

— David Cornine-VP Global Financial Systems of Sony Music Entertainment

The Solution

With locations in 43 countries, the challenge was significant. The purchasing processes were very disparate from one country to another and global user adoption was a concern. Following a thorough RFP process, Determine was selected for:

  • Ability to address the specific needs of the Sony business
  • Strong budget control in an international environment
  • Capability to natively integrate with SAP
  • Ease of use and ensure a strong user adoption across the globe
  • Meeting all Sony Music’s international requirements

“It took about 6 months to build the integration with SAP ECC6. There were 16 points of integration, now the system communicates in real-time, giving users visibility on their projects at the time of approval. The outsourced invoicing process has also been streamlined.”

— David Cornine-VP Global Financial Systems of Sony Music Entertainment;

The Results

  • One global purchasing solution for 5 continents
  • Streamline invoices through global shared service center
  • Improve supplier relationship
  • Real-time visibility on spend over the budgets
  • Added flexibility to the ERP system

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