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February 2, 2017

Entrepreneurial thinking, rockstar attitude.

When I was invited to appear on Business Rockstars recently, the host, Mark Lack, asked me what I thought was the single most important piece of advice for entrepreneurs to achieve success. From my own experience as a business founder, owner and now as a source-to-pay and contract management corporate executive, what I tell entrepreneurs is, do your homework. It’s that simple.

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October 25, 2016

BPM and Procure-to-Pay: The engines driving the digitalization of the Procurement—Finance relationship

At the Salon Solutions trade show in Paris on September 21, a Round Table event was held on the topic of BPM (Business Process Management). I was invited along with a number of other experts to present my views on the topic of “How to deploy BPM: a powerful engine driving enterprise digitalization.” Here are some of my thoughts from that discussion:

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August 2, 2016

Managing Source to Pay in the “Postmodern” ERP Era

Managing Source to Pay in the “Postmodern” ERP Era

As enterprise technology has evolved with the notion of ERP, so has the need for organizations to understand how to adopt it in a modern context. Source to pay is no exception.

In the early eighties, many looked to enterprise resource planning, or ERP systems, as the panacea to all the woes of working with MRP systems. ERP was going to solve the problem for organizations looking to manage all distinct software solutions under one umbrella, and make it easier to see how all these functions work together.

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