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July 3, 2018

Watermark: Making the case for modular source-to-pay

Watermark: Making the case for modular source-to-pay

From process “black hole” to complete visibility, traceability and control.

At Determine, we are obviously (and justifiably) biased toward a source-to-pay and contract management cloud platform approach that is based on modular, implement-as-you-need solutions. The model makes perfect sense from every logic perspective. That’s why, when a customer like Amee Foss, National Director of Procurement and Plant Operations at Watermark Retirement Communities comes to the same realization, her story makes a much more powerful case than we can make. And she tells it beautifully in this interview in Supply Chain World.

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When you buy a new car, you have access to a long list of features and functions to choose from. Don’t want a sunroof? Don’t get one. Want heated seats, bigger engine, etc., etc? Done.

In the same way, as Amee Foss explains in the article, modular solutions on a cloud platform give you the same complete flexibility for tailoring exactly the functionality you require at any given point. In her case, the need for visibility and control over all contracts in the Watermark organization was the starting point. But the data that feeds those contracts – purchase agreements, supplier certifications and validations, budgeting, etc. – wasn’t fully linked because the source of that data was on other disparate solutions.

The lightbulb moment for her was seeing how the Determine Cloud Platform seamlessly integrates all of an organization’s Master Data and metadata across all of the solutions — no matter if a company is using just one or two, or has the complete end-to-end continuum. This implement-as-you-go approach opens top-of-the-line technology access to mid-enterprise organizations that previously had the choice of competent-but-limited point solutions, or empty-your-pockets full suite deployments. Lower cost of entry, low Total Cost of Ownership, faster implementation, easier adoption – the list of “whys” goes on and on.

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But this isn’t our story (really), it’s about how a fantastic customer — Watermark Retirement Communities — decided what they needed to solve their most compelling business challenges, then found the technology tools that enabled them to do it.

If you’d like to experience the same lightbulb moment that Watermark did, schedule your own personalized demonstration of the Determine Cloud Platform.

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