Determine Business Network

The virtual marketplace for opportunities, savings and profits.

How being open-minded and
well-connected pays off.

You don’t want constraints in your business, you want possibilities. So do we, that’s why we open our platform ecosystem to tap a world of specialist knowledge and expanded skills. Collaborating with our business network of app partners to deliver expanded choices to our customers in a seamless, familiar format. This allows you to build what you need as you evolve.

Our Supplier Portal links sellers with all our Determine customers so they can connect, communicate, create and collaborate. One portal, unlimited possibilities to conduct everything from sourcing to procurement and invoicing, RFx, and catalog updates—all simplified, standardized and centralized.

The benefits of networking in the cloud.

Supplier Portal:

Imagine a global hub where suppliers can offer all their goods and our customers can manage all their procurement needs.

Our Supplier Portal puts everyone on the same page—saving time, maximizing productivity. Fast, easy, collaborative.


Partner Business Apps:

You want to replace silos with connected functionality, we want to provide it. Our Open API format allows third-party developers to build tightly integrated apps quickly and easily reusing our platform components.

You get the most innovative ways to connect all the disparate parts of your business.

Determine Supplier Portal:
The win-win proposition for buyers and sellers.


Access a wider pool of suppliers and get all the products and services you need from one central, searchable, and up-to-date product database. Simplify your procurement process and collaboration with supplier and internal stakeholders, and make online purchases visible and compliant.


Nothing succeeds like access, and our centralized hub provides an instant network of customers ready to purchase from you. You can engage buyers through their portal all with just a few clicks or swipes, and get down to business. All in real time. It’s free to register now.

Managed in Customer Application
Managed in Supplier Portal
RFx CreationArrow in both directionsRFx Answering
PO SendingArrow right directionPO Acknowledgement
Receiving ValidationArrow left directionDelivery Generation
Invoice ValidationArrow left directionInvoice Generation
Dispute CreationArrow right directionDispute Answering
Action Plan RequestArrow right directionAction Plan Answering

Where do we go from here?



Registration is fast, easy and free—answer a few questions and set up shop on a digital network of potential buyers looking for your goods.



Once you’re in, upload and maintain your catalog, and keep your profile updated. You can even create customer invoices.



Buyer-seller communication is in real time, and both sides have full visibility and access to sourcing events. Co-innovate, boost productivity and create value—together.

Open Partner Network, open possibilities.

The best of everything in one place. Our Open API gives third-party developers the opportunity to add value—and innovation—to our existing solutions offerings. Seamless API integration facilitates sharing, encourages collaboration and results in maximizing
the customer experience. And possibilities.