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Procure to Pay

Acticall Group
Success Story: The Purchasing Process

Optimizing the Purchasing Process with Determine

The Goals

  • Optimizing the efficiency of the purchasing process
  • Centralizing the purchasing function
  • Bringing visibility to purchasing flows

The Challenges

Acticall is an integrated services group specializing in client relations management. Rapid growth increased the workforce from 4,000 to 8,000 employees, yet its purchasing process had been restricted to purchase order entry.

In 2010, purchasing was decentralized at individual sites, with commitments processed by paper or fax. With a budget of 15 million euros and 16 production sites, four of which are located abroad, the group was keen to set up a collaborative tool to centralize the function and fulfill its internal needs more efficiently.

Following the creation of its purchasing department, Acticall sought a solution to help them meet this goal.

Determine has had quite an economic impact, with almost a 30% reduction in costs associated with procurement.”

— Bruno Sénico | Purchasing Director, Acticall Group

The Solution

Having benchmarked all of the market’s current solutions, Acticall opted for Determine. Bruno Sénico, Purchasing Director, explains, “We wanted to give the Group’s purchasing policy a complete overhaul and the Determine solution allowed us to do just that, making it the right choice for us”.

With Determine’s e-purchasing solution in place, Acticall now uses a paperless approval system with improved process flow from initial requisition to invoice reconciliation.

The strengths of the Determine solution are its flexibility, which enables us to support Acticall Group through its growth and business development; and its user-friendliness, with simplified ergonomics that are easily adopted by each user.”

— Bruno Sénico | Purchasing Director, Acticall Group

The Results

The configurability of the Determine solution allowed us to meet Acticall’s objectives by automating the purchasing process and improving the purchasing system’s visibility for all those involved. By customizing their application, the Group has been able to create six invoicing entities, 46 charging departments, 200 budget lines and 168 management rules. Determine’s ease of use, its translation functions and its accessibility in SaaS mode are just some of the advantages that have encouraged international users to adopt this solution.

With the Determine implementation, Acticall has optimized its purchasing team which is now made up of four people – two in France, one in Brazil and one in Morocco. The project’s success has led to many satisfied prescribers whose purchase requisitions are now processed 50% faster. The tool’s collaborative feature gives them greater involvement in the purchasing system.

Acticall has also enhanced its expense process, benefiting from significant economies of scale and receiving a smaller number of individual requests thanks to pooling, as well as budget accountability.

Acticall now hopes to expand these capabilities across its international presence by integrating the Determine solution. For these new deployments, Determine’s configuration flexibility and international functionalities (multi-language and multi-currency) mean specific local requirements can easily be catered for.