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Procure to Pay

Success Story: Procure-to-Pay

The Goals

  • Improve procurement visibility
  • Drive procurement compliance
  • Streamline approval processes

The Challenges

Before implementing Determine’s Procurement solution, Andra, the French national radioactive waste management agency, was managing its purchasing process using paper spreadsheets. The agency was looking for a Purchase-to-Pay solution to reduce costs, as well as implement a sustainable development policy by transitioning out of cumbersome paper-based methods. Their other main goal was to streamline the entire purchasing process.

We wanted to give our managers complete visibility and ensure the chosen solution wouldn’t be just a black box. We were looking for an easy-to-use solution which could evolve to be as close as possible to our existing processes, and a tool that allows everyone to monitor their purchasing request approval process.”

— Aurélien Larrat, Purchasing Performance Project Manager, Andra

To guarantee the success of this project the organization conducted an RFI, comparing over 30 solutions to find the one which would best meet the requirements established by the executive team.

One of the main benefits of Determine Procurement is its e-commerce-like ease of use. Determine allows us to standardize our approval rules using dynamic workflows due to its flexibility.”

— Aurélien Larrat, Purchasing Performance Project Manager, Andra

The Solution

Upon completing the RFI process, Andra selected Determine because the Procurement solution is easy to use and easy to configure, and because of the ability to adapt the application to Andra’s business requirements. In order to ensure the success of the initiative, about 30 experts and users worked together during the implementation.

Determine has been able to improve the monitoring of the agency’s purchasing activities while reducing the average approval process time. Implementing Determine Procurement on the Cloud Platform has led to rapid adoption by more than 500 users, resulting in a quick return on investment. The solution deployed includes features such as eProcurement, approval workflow automation and supplier management.

Determine Procurement has enabled Andra to manage all of its purchasing categories, catalogs and spend on one centralized platform, including those services which represent a majority of the company’s spending.

“Andra wanted to give complete spend visibility to approvers.”

— Aurélien Larrat, Purchasing Performance Project Manager, Andra

The Results

By efficiently streamlining Andra’s purchasing activities while improving their monitoring capabilities, Determine Procurement enables Andra to manage all purchasing requests and purchase orders within the solution. By doing so, the agency has improved its visibility from purchase requests all the way to invoicing, reduced the average approval processing time and reduced indirect costs.

In addition to the current features in place, Andra wants to integrate supplier scorecarding into their existing Determine environment. This feature will allow them to better manage supplier performance while minimizing risks. “Determine has been meeting our requirements by configuring the different fields to specific activities,” said Larrat.

Determine is now used by +550 users, and the tool manages +3500 purchase orders and +10000 invoices a year. Next steps will include the integration of the Determine Procurement solution to Andra’s SAP application for an even faster process, and the implementation of Determine’s eSourcing.

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