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Procure to Pay

BUT Home Stores
Success Story: Procure-to-Pay

The Goals

  • Centralize accounting
  • Map the purchase process to gain visibility
  • Adapt to full-time functionality

The Challenges

The purchasing structure at BUT was quite specific; a regionally-focused, decentralized organization with local buyers managing their own purchasing processes. Because of this, there was a lack of sufficient visibility into purchases.

As part of their mission to map and improving purchase visibility, BUT’s finance department wanted to centralize procurement along with the Group’s financial activities. After merging the accounting departments into a single unit, BUT then set out to find a procurement solution.

Before Determine, the main problems at BUT were the lack of a tool that enabled us to place orders, and to be able to track purchasing flows from the purchase request all the way to billing.”

— Nadiya Torous, Project Finance Officer

The Solution

Determine was selected by BUT for the flexibility of its platform and its ability to automate purchasing processes while ensuring better management of these processes. The implementation included a complete Purchase-to-Pay solution with contract management and budget tracking.

According to Nadiya Torous, Project Finance Officer, BUT’s objectives were, “to equip users with a Procurement tool that enables them to place orders, and have better visibility into the activities of the purchasing department and the expenses incurred on behalf of the company. Additionally, to automate and better manage supplier invoicing.”

Another advantage is the ease of administration of the tool, to make the parameterization and therefore to adapt it to our need.”

— Nadiya Torous, Project Finance Officer, BUT

The Results

Determine’s Procurement solution continues to provide BUT with a range of expanding capabilities, including:

  • Generating a source of competitive advantages by creating added value through process automation.
  • Responding effectively to many specific needs, such as the creation of a catalog library which has made it possible to reference all supplier contracts.
  • Automating the majority of accounting entries.
  • Ensuring adoption and use by all store managers across regions.

In addition to migrating to the Determine Cloud Platform-based Procurement solution in order to leverage the latest functions and features, BUT also wants to set up a supplier extranet in order to maximize the impact of this deployment.

Determine enables us to have better visibility and tracking of purchasing flows.”

— Nadiya Torous, Project Finance Officer, BUT

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