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Procure to Pay

Editions Lefebvre Sarrut (ELS)
Success Story: Rapid Procure-to-Pay Implementation

Strategic Procurement, Tactical Advantages with Determine

The Goals

  • Design and implement a solution in 20 days or less
  • Deliver better management of the upstream P2P process
  • Focus, centralize, and simplify expense analysis

The Challenges

Before Determine’s implementation, information on company spend was siloed within the seven different business units of Editions Lefebvre Sarrut (ELS). This lack of centralization made the collection and analysis of spend data both difficult and time-consuming for the company’s management team. In addition, in many cases, details concerning line items were unavailable which added to the complexity of analyzing the company’s spend.

The other key challenge of this project was to have the solution delivered very quickly, and the company’s teams fully trained, so that their new P2P system would be operational by early 2015. The project’s single point of contact, Mr. Gilles Grenier, had a very clear vision of the company’s needs which greatly contributed to the rapid implementation of the Determine solution. Those needs included:

  • A well conceived “roadmap” for how the Determine system would facilitate upstream procurement processes (i.e.: validation flow was already decided).
  • The company’s needs were relatively simple (i.e.: automatically relate purchase requests to incoming purchase orders and then debit the correct budgets). The second phase of the project called for integrating invoicing by the end of 2015.
  • This project was initially limited to fulfilling the procurement-management needs of the company’s ISD (Information Systems Division) group. Upon successful testing and acceptance of the Determine solution, the project was slated to be extended later in 2015 to include the company’s General Resources departments.

The Determine team was very responsive and was able to understand our needs allowing a rapid implementation of the solution”

— Gilles Grenier, Head of IT Procurement at Editions Lefebvre Sarrut


The combination of Determine’s features, its rapid implementation, as well as the expert involvement of Determine’s teams were decisive factors in the final choice of Determine as the solution-of choice for Editions Lefebvre Sarrut. In particular Determine was recognized for its:

  • User-friendly design that is easy-to-configure thanks to the seamless importing and exporting of data via Excel from any computer or device. In addition, testing is facilitated by Determine’s built-in “sand box” environment.
  • Project teams who thoroughly understood the Determine solution and captured/modeled the company’s needs within the Determine system to deliver the outstanding results Editions LeFebvre Sarrut’s management team expected and deserved.

The Determine team did a thorough implementation, complete with training and outstanding communication, resulting in the solution being delivered on time and exceeding our expectations.

— Gilles Grenier, Head of IT Procurement at Editions Lefebvre Sarrut


The internal willingness of Editions LeFebvre Sarrut’s management team to tactically leverage Determine’s P2P platform as a very efficient and effective means for reorganizing, centralizing, and simplifying their spend-management needs produced a number of beneficial results for this company:

  • Determine centralized the spending of 7 corporate entities into one place. Now a single, two-person team can easily manage the spend analysis needs for the entire enterprise instead of each entity of the group separately managing (and reporting) on its spend.
  • Information collected in the Determine system is more detailed (line item information is now included where available) and thus enables better, more thorough, more accurate spend-analysis.
  • Determine makes it easier to consolidate spend among the 7 corporate entities in order to increase corporate purchasing power and consequently reduce costs through the strategic application of volume discounts that previously were overlooked.