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Contract Management

Midwestern Insurance Company
Success Story: Contract Lifecycle Management

Financial Services Success Story:

The company’s Procurement was looking to simplify drastically their previous complex 17 workflows to manage their different contracts, with a stable application that they could configure while keeping all the Out Of The Box features.


  • No more custom client financed enhancement work or complex upgrades
  • Get a user friendly tool with an easy navigation
  • Simplify their workflows
  • Keep the “Out of the box”, avoiding customization to stay compatible with future releases


  • A Selectica ECLM customer since 2008
  • Live on the DCP since October 2017
  • ~30 active users on the DCP weekly
  • 1200+ suppliers and 6,400 contracts under management
  • Extremely happy users who discover each day new easy features

Moving to contract management on the Determine Cloud Platform gives us vastly increased flexibility and functionality. The enhanced UI makes it simple to use, and the new workflow fits better with the process for negotiating and signing contracts.”

— Director, Procurement