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Procure to Pay

Success Story


The Goals

  • Ensure continuity with the existing platform
  • Implement a unique tool to manage spend
  • Digitize tax preparation
  • Optimize indirect purchasing processes

The Challenges

Prior to implementing the modular procurement solution on the Determine Cloud Platform, Monoprix was saddled with an eProcurement tool that did not sufficiently address issues of agility and innovation specific to the retail sector. This lack of flexibility in the tool prompted Monoprix to initiate the search for a new technology solution.

The challenge in retail today is to be innovative and agile. That’s what we expect from Determine and the work we do together today.“

— Kristel Cauwet, CPO, Monoprix

The Solution

Following a needs assessment and drafting of specifications, Monoprix carried out a market study and consulted the main players in the market. Determine was chosen for its speed, flexibility and simplicity, specifically:

  • A rapid deployment in just four months, ensuring continuity of service thanks to the simplicity of data recovery from the existing platform.
  • Flexible integration between SAP and Determine that transfers budget information via web services, ensuring continuity of functional workflow.
  • The Determine Cloud Platform interface, inspired by Amazon, which provides an intuitive user experience. Catalog updating with generic articles as needed is simple, encouraging rapid solution adoption.
  • Ease of configuration, thanks to a powerful rules engine, is one of the strong points of the Platform. It enables a high level of agility and responsiveness to ever-changing business needs (organizational, approval workflows, purchasing methods, etc.).

We needed a tool that was flexible, and easy to use and administer. That’s what we like about Determine.”

— Malika Burguière, E-Procurement Functional Manager, Monoprix

The Results

The ease of configuration on the Determine Cloud Platform made it possible to meet Monoprix’s objectives. By automating the entire purchasing process, the company now has visibility and control over all spend and budgets managed through the platform.

The platform is now available to nearly 1500 users, with almost 123 hosted catalogs and five punch-outs. User response and feedback is very positive, and Monoprix and Determine are working together to enhance and improve the solution even further.

It only takes me a few minutes to modify user access, or even edit a catalog down to the level of a single item. The solution is quite flexible — I’m quite pleased with it.”

— Malika Burguière, E-Procurement Functional Manager, Monoprix