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Procure to Pay

Success Story


The Goals

  • Optimizing, sharing and securing the entire procurement process
  • Streamlining the supplier base
  • Financial and efficiency gains

The Challenges

Prior to implementing the modular procurement solution on the Determine Cloud Platform, Norauto’s procurement, vendor processes and information were managed manually for the most part. This created efficiency, visibility and compliance issues across the entire procurement chain.


  • The accounting team, which handles a considerable amount of information (200 accounts, 120,000 invoices, 30,000 scanned invoices), 75% of which was managed manually, was looking for a solution that could automate certain tasks and thus improve productivity.
  • The procurement team sought to reduce non-compliant spending, improve contract compliance and have better visibility into expenses to produce accurate reporting and analytics.
  • Buyers wanted to know where and what to buy, order status and what the other car centers in the group are buying.

Retail is a very competitive sector; it is imperative that we have the right product in the right place at the right time. The Determine procurement solution allows us to secure supplies so that people in the store are available to best serve our customers.”

— Delphine Dubreuil, Head of Indirect Purchasing, Norauto

The Solution

With a low overall expense level, but many purchasing categories and expense managers, Norauto chose procurement on the Determine Cloud Platform for its ability to meet its business needs and evolve with them:

  • The platform was set up specifically for Norauto during the demo which allowed users to easily envision themselves using the solution, and therefore buy into it.
  • Determine’s Continuous Improvement Process helps Norauto’s procurement team showcase improvements while still in the test phase.
  • Integration with Norauto’s SAP ERP for merchant purchases makes it possible to provide Determine Cloud Platform users with full visibility of warehouse stock, achieving considerable time and efficiency savings.
  • The flexibility offered by SaaS enables Norauto to easily benefit from innovative developments on the Determine Cloud Platform.

The platform is user-friendly, adaptable to our business needs and scalable over time because it is SaaS.”

— Prisca Foucart, E-Procurement Leader, Norauto

The Results

By organizing the procurement process in a decentralized model, 565 users are currently on the Cloud Determine Platform — an adoption rate of 98%! In total, nearly 3,000 orders are managed per month on the platform. Optimizing and digitizing the processes saved 2,800 working hours and €70,000 over the past year.

Regular meetings with the Determine team enable Norauto to take advantage of, and suggest, improvements to the procurement solution. For example, stage two implementation is underway in conjunction with the Norauto accounting department. This consists of billing improvements that represent significant savings potential thanks to invoice-receipt matching that streamlines the process to save the accounting department time.

Meeting regularly is very constructive; We get to see what Determine is working on and the platform roadmap, and in return we get to share our direct user feedback and how Norauto is evolving. It’s very collaborative, and that’s how we like to work at Norauto.

— Prisca Foucart, E-Procurement Leader, Norauto