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Procure to Pay

Pharma Success Story


The Goals

  • Centralizing purchases
  • Ensuring better catalog management
  • Speed and agility in responding to requests from internal clients

The Challenges

In order to optimize and manage all of its activities, the Servier Group was looking for a solution that would help it resolve two main challenges:

  • Servier Laboratories’ activities range from research to marketing its medications, which means they deal with many different categories of purchases (goods, services, catalogs, generic goods, etc.). The group wanted a solution that would allow it to centralize purchasing and manage all the catalogues from a single platform.
  • They needed a flexible solution that could adapt to variations in its business processes to keep pace with the constant evolution both inside the organization as well as in the industry.

Determine’s solution is an agile application, which helps us adapt to the constant evolution of our business and our industry.”

– Sylvain Feraud, Procurement Manager, Servier Laboratories

The Solution

The advanced functionality and flexibility of the Determine platform played a key part in Servier Group’s final choice, providing:

  • A tool to handle all of the company’s purchase categories via catalog management
  • Easy application configuration—rarely found with an ERP— thanks to Determine’s powerful core engine that provides the agility and responsiveness to better handle the dynamic business and industry environment (changes in the organization, approval workflows, purchasing methods, etc.).

The Results

  • By personalizing the application, used by 2,400 people, Servier Laboratories has been able to create 119 catalogues featuring nearly 5 million items.
  • In 2019, Servier Procurement Team managed more than 50,000 purchase orders for a volume of transactions of approximately 1 Billion Euros
  • The 4,000 rules handled by the powerful Determine engine have allowed the company to quickly address any necessary tweaks to the processes. “It’s not complicated to maintain these rules day-to-day—it takes very little time to adapt and gives us the agility to respond to clients quickly,” explains Sylvain Feraud.
  • The intuitive interface means anyone can use the application without prior training.
  • The responsiveness and flexibility of the Determine platform have helped the Servier Group improve its performance.

On the horizon for Servier is a project that includes new processes linked to procurement, such as Sourcing and Supplier Management.

We are benefiting from the visibility that Determine’s integrated application gives us. This obviously makes us want to go further and include other processes linked to procurement.”

Sylvain Feraud, Procurement Manager, Servier Laboratories