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Procure to Pay

Vinci Airports
Success Story: eProcurement

The Goals

  • Improve visibility
  • Drive purchasing compliance
  • Expedite the approval process

The Challenges

Before choosing Determine, “Grand Ouest” airport (part of Vinci Airports since 2011) faced purchasing challenges. The procurement function was being managed by end users, with no tools available to help them with that initiative.

In 2004, the airport was looking for a solution to help manage the purchasing process, while also providing access to accurate data to facilitate negotiation with suppliers and other collaborators. The main goals were to centralize the purchasing function and to improve visibility.

Determine covers the entire scope of our operational needs.

— Jean Pervenche, IT Manager, Vinci Airport

The Solution

After short-listing several procurement software providers, “Grand Ouest” airport selected Determine based on its advanced innovation and functionality. In 2004, Determine was already ahead of the curve by being a cloud solution. The ease of use, autonomy and visibility provided by the solution were some of the criteria leading to our selection.

The application was quickly deployed to 250+ users. Since then, Determine has been improving compliance by implementing dynamic approval workflows managing purchase requests, catalogs, purchase orders and more.

Because Determine keeps on innovating and adding new features, the procure-to-pay solution has been answering the evolving needs of Vinci Airports.

The Results

By covering all their business requirements, Determine helps Vinci Airports et Aéroports du Grand Ouest to streamline their purchasing process. Since 2004, the tool has been evolving to answer new challenges. The intuitive interface and the scope of the application have been the main factors in helping the group reach their goals.

Determine also enables users by making purchase requests a breeze while providing them with greater visibility.

Vinci Airports is currently moving to a newer version of the Determine Procurement solution in order to expand the application across multiple locations to further consolidate purchasing activities.

As an administrator, Determine gives me greater control than any other provider.

— Cécile Taraud, purchasing manager, “Grand Ouest” Airport

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