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Managing business means managing contracts.

Contracts are critical to business; learn how to
leverage them to build a stronger enterprise.

Improving contract and contractual relationships starts by knowing the the risks, processes and best practices around all your contract types. The following CLM webinars, blogs, research and other resources are designed to help you better understand all facets of the contract lifecycle so you can focus on achieving optimized outcomes and results.

Kelly Barner Blog - 3rd Decade of CLM Whitepaper Companion

Man, Moment, Machine: CLM Technology Enters Its Third Decade

Considering the challenges facing modern business, CLM continues to increase in importance across the wider enterprise. Contract management technology may very...

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Maximizing source-to-contract / S2C value blog and webinar with Forrester Research

How to Maximize Value from S2C Solutions – Part 2

Optimizing source-to-contract means focusing on wider business needs. In Part 1 of this two-part blog we addressed the initial approach of S2C. Our viewpoint...

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Read how a CLM for contract management helps fast-growing companies

A CLM Checklist for High-Growth Companies

Growing fast is not the time to outgrow your contracts. Most of the time when I read an article, blog, newsletter or what-have-you on the subject of...

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Blog - Agile Contract Governance Part 2

Agile Contract Governance: Addressing the Major Challenges with Technology, Part 2

How can Agile Contract Governance challenges be more effectively addressed? In Part 1 of this 2-part blog, we outlined the challenges faced by different...

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Blog by Julien Nadaud - What is a Contract Management Solution - CLM

So, What Is A Contract Management Solution Anyway?

Contract management – or contract lifecycle management (CLM) – is a software solution that provides full-time, automated contract monitoring and helps optimize...

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