Determine Cloud Platform

Integrating solutions that align data, processes and people.

Best-of-breed solutions on a single platform.

An application is only as powerful as the cloud platform it runs on. All of our analyst-recognized solutions are built with rich functionality plus flexibility for enterprise agility. We understand what you’re looking for—simple implementation and configuration, a consumerized user experience, and maximum security.

The Determine Cloud Platform deeper capabilities let you do more than scratch the surface on spend, risk and saving. Master Data and Business Processes give you the visibility, collaboration and control to be more competitive. Technology that pushes boundaries, not sets them; all the breadth and depth you need is just a login away.

Success means building on your strengths. For us, that means starting with the strength of our BPM Engine, and then by wrapping our advanced suite of solutions around it. Every capability, feature and function is configured to your needs, and integrated through our business network, secure in the cloud.

Benefits of a strong core.

The one thing that really sets us apart is the Determine Engine – the brain and heart of the Determine Cloud Platform. It’s the smartest and most powerful tool on the market to manage the complexity of enterprise business processes, as opposed to department-level functions.

The Determine Engine replaces silos with seamlessness, eliminating barriers to complex workflow by opening the lines of communication and transparency between people, geographies, and functional needs.

Linking and supporting stakeholders across finance, procurement, legal and others result in more information to feed analytics. That leads to enhanced decision making, improved corporate performance and compliance, and overall risk mitigation. Strength comes from the core.

Determine Cloud Platform with BPM engine

Intuitive, familiar and easy-to-use—
whatever the device, wherever the location, whoever the user.

To get the most out of the Determine Cloud Platform, we turned to concepts based on Google’s material design to craft an enterprise platform that is sleek, instinctively organized, completely responsive and simple to use.

The familiar interface provides a unified, experience that’s consistent across our full source-to-pay suite of solutions. It instantly displays relevant content for each user, with self-service and collaborative features that make day-to-day tasks faster and more efficient. By minimizing the learning curve, we drive adoption, not to mention compliance, across employees. To keep you mobile, our business apps adapt to all devices and screen sizes—desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet—providing functionalities universally.

If you know how to search and shop online, you already know how to start using our platform. It’s that simple.

Master Data—Establishing a “Single source of truth.”

Mastering data management is going to make everything else you do that much more effective. The common thread that weaves through accounting, information, reporting and your organization, we make mastering data management as robust and configurable as everything else we provide. Here’s how to master the data and create data governance with the Determine Cloud Platform.


Organization, Users & Rules

Efficiency is critical to managing organizational structure, so we give you the power to define different levels of companies, users and rules for organization, invoicing and accounting.


Commodities, Cost Centers, Projects

Save time and effort by automatically setting the correct General Ledger accounts for managing categories and commodities, critical for effective purchasing and accounting automation.


Supplier Repository

The more suppliers, procurement projects and sourcing events, the more complex it is. Advanced supplier modeling and information management provides efficiency, accuracy and risk management based on specific requirements.


Countries, Currencies & Exchange Rates

A global economy demands total accuracy of procurement and financial reporting to manage currencies, exchange rates and country configurations.

"The opportunity to standardize relies on consistent, transparent data to allow comparison and understanding. Standardization typically represents significant savings costs of anything between 10 and 30% but is only possible if MDM is consistent, reliable and robust."

—CapGemini:- Procurement Master Data - the Bedrock of Success

The right solution for every need and budget.


The point solution

Every journey starts with a single step; the most successful start out on the right foot. When it’s time to move on from spreadsheets, every one of our solutions is a step up to best practice process management. Achieve uptake, buy-in and ROI, and add on as your needs evolve.


Best practice transformation

Your current software has gotten you this far, but status quo never moves the needle. We’ll help you transform, achieve more and do better by assessing and recommending solutions to increase efficiency and shed light on how to impact your bottom line.


Configured to dominate

Multinational enterprises don’t thrive on multiple systems. To dominate, you have to consolidate and integrate. Our robust, scalable solutions are the most configurable in the market. Achieve a holistic view that will help you harmonize your business and proactively evolve it by meeting your needs.

Let us power your journey.

Our name, Determine, stands for delivering conclusions through analysis; what we do is deliver confidence. Results. We’re constantly breaking new ground in contract management and source-to-pay solutions, using our expertise and experience to help customers successfully turn pain points into insights, and challenges into bottom-line results. We’re ready to help power your enterprise journey.