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You want disruptive technology, not disruption to your business. The Determine Cloud Platform provides built-in application integration capabilities designed to work simply and easily with any combination of Cloud or On-Premise ERP system. That means you get up and running quickly with a remarkably open and efficient integration process that ensures seamless connections and faster ROI.

Integration and Open API


Integrating goals, business mandates and technology.

Determine® technology connects seamlessly with all popular ERP and financial systems through its Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) module. That means, any combination of cloud or on-premise applications with no appliances, no third-party software and no extra coding. No hassles.

And, as an official Amazon technology partner, we leverage the full capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to guarantee global high availability and security. Our solutions are generally tapped as an automation layer on top of existing solutions—ERP for Master Data (list of third parties, charts of accounts, analytics, budget codes, etc.) and A/P transactions (invoices, credit memos, accrued expenses, deferred expenses, etc.). Because we are the only provider offering these capabilities embedded as standard (native SOA), flawless functionality is a given.

Native EAI guarantees fast integration of our platform with any ERP or third-party system, including:

  • SAP, SAP*3, SAP ECC and SAP real-time Web services
  • Serenic
  • M3
  • Great Plains (MS Navision)
  • PeopleSoft
  • Sage (Non-Profit), Sage L1000, Sage 1000, 100 ERP, Sage 300 ERP, Sage 500 ERP and others QAD Enterprise Applications through QXtend
  • JD Edwards applications
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Qualiac
  • ComptaFirst
  • Google
  • GDS
  • Unit4 Financials (formerly Coda Financials)
  • Netsuite
  • Workday

Determine EAI module provides full monitoring capabilities for these integration points. Application administrators can be notified in case of an event in the dataflow, and also control individual messages and reset data transmission at will. Depending on each ERP’s own capabilities, our solutions implement either batch file transfers or real-time Web services for the transmission of data.

We offer three ways to facilitate data exchange between our solutions and other applications:

Out-of-the-box connectors leverage normalized protocols (cXML) and native EAI with standard ERP such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, QAD, JD Edwards and Microsoft Dynamics GP. We guarantee seamless integration and provide real-time connection to your business processes.

Native API empowers your IT team or third-party service providers to do the integration on their end by using our XML. This native protocol has a documented format that can be used by your IT department to map our data and build an interface to fit your needs.

A custom-fit interface is available from our technical services, built with our EAI module, which contains mapping, security and protocol translation capabilities that we adjust to your requirements. Our EAI module is compatible with legacy systems (CSV up to XML; Transport via CFT, sFTP, HTTPS, etc.).

A unique cloud automation technology for all your business processes
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ERP integration with the Determine Cloud Platform — regardless of which modular solutions or ERP you’re running — is a simple, fast and seamless experience that gives you exponential capabilities and complete confidence in your data integrity and business processes.

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