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Supplies, contingent associates, facilities — keeping up current spend is expensive enough, trying to expand is off the charts.”

FDA, HIPAA, Stark Law, ACA, Medicare and other regs are making it harder to achieve efficiency.”

Some days it’s hard to know if we’re a medical company with a legal department, or a law firm that provides medical care.”

Determine is the source-to-pay and contract management technology partner that healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotech companies rely on to optimize Process Under Management. The innovative, modular Determine Cloud Platform provides the visibility and transparency required to excel in this heavily regulated, highly competitive industry. By putting all your people, processes and data in perfect alignment, it empowers better, faster business decisions so you can achieve bottom-line impact.

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Improving Insights Into Third Party Risk Series

Improving Insights Into Third-Party Risk (Series 1 of 4)

Introduction to SIM & CLM: Why supplier risk isn’t just a Fortune 100 company issue. The responsibility for managing suppliers and supplier contracts has...

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PayStream 2016 Procure-to-Pay Navigator

Levvel 2016 Procure-to-Pay Navigator | Analyst Research

"Determine scores 9.9 / 10 for supplier information and performance management"

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Endo Pharmaceuticals

Endo Pharmaceuticals

Procurement Compliant With Government Requirements

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Third Party Risk Management Efforts 101: Aligning Supplier Onboarding to Contract Onboarding

SIG Webinar: Third Party Risk Management Efforts 101

In this webinar you’ll learn best practices for initiating third-party risk efforts by improving the integration of supplier onboarding and contract management...

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"We are benefiting from the visibility that Determine’s integrated application gives us" ~ Sylvain Feraud, Procurement Manager, Servier Laboratories...

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Determine Outloud: TonyAbel

Risk adaptability: How organizations can stay ahead.

A conversion with Tony Abel, Managing Director of Protiviti

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Delivering patient care is your mission. Helping you do it profitably is our mission.

In a strict regulatory and compliance environment with shifting requirements across agency and global jurisdictions, healthcare and life sciences firms are looking for every advantage possible. The Determine Cloud Platform helps you turn those challenges into opportunities through quick implementing, full adoption and low total cost of ownership for faster ROI.

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Due to the technology improvements provided by Determine, Endo no longer worries about consistency in reporting and can now focus on advancing their supplier diversity program to the next level.”

~ Louis Galczynski, Senior Manager, Endo Pharmaceuticals


Determine’s solution is an agile application, which helps us adapt to the constant evolution of our business and our industry.”

~ Sylvain Feraud, Procurement Manager, Servier Laboratories

Servier Laboratories


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Why Determine®

Our Holistic Approach

Individual solution insights, big picture view; only we give you both. End-to-end source-to-pay and contract management solutions, Business Process Management engine, advanced analytics, Open API and business network combine full visibility with total control.

Our Pedigree

Our 40+ collective years of pioneering experience provide you with a heritage of innovation and unparalleled depth of capabilities. Determine is truly unique. No other firm out there today can boast the same level of collective experience in strategic sourcing, contract management and procure to pay.

Industry Recognitions

There’s a lot riding on your initiatives, and you want someone with a reputation for getting things done. Recognized by leading analyst firms including the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave and others, we provide you with absolute confidence of solutions that have been vetted by both industry pundits and practitioners.

Our Solutions

Unmatched scalability, configurability, agility. Our suite of source-to-pay and contract management solutions become truly your own through customized applications and seamless integration with whatever systems you’re running.

Our Technology

At the heart of our solutions is the Determine BPM Engine. From enhanced security to dynamic workflow, application integration, audit trail and more, it’s the most powerful tool for you to turn business process complexity into simple competitive advantage.

Our People

We’re a pioneering industry leader because of our people and their unprecedented knowledge base. Many as former practitioners in the field, we know source to pay and contract management best practices better than anyone because we developed them. Just ask the leading companies that turn to us.