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Anyone who tells you that Cloud Contract Management solutions aren’t as safe, cost effective, convenient and configurable as on-premise point solutions doesn’t know their SaaS from their software. There are certain procurement entities who by regulatory necessity or legal authority, government agencies for example, don’t have a choice with contracts – it’s on-prem or nothing. For everyone else, a cloud platform-based contract lifecycle management solution offers a roster of advantages that gets longer all the time.

A central repository with anywhere, anytime access; self-service functionality that speeds compliant contract creation; integrated workflow and approval paths; and shared data that gives everyone the same, consistent real-time information – across the enterprise. And that’s just for starters. Whether it’s security or cost, configurability or access, it’s time to separate contract management fact from fiction. Read on, then contact us for a demo.

Cloud Contract Management Myths: Debunked

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