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The Rise of the Platform is in
Procurement’s Future. Is it in Yours?

Part one: The Rise of Platform report from Spend Matters

Getting all your source-to-pay solutions on a cloud platform is easier than you think.

What do we mean when we use the word “platform” in the context of procurement technology?

The platform concept centers on building technology ecosystems that allow all participants to more easily “plug and play” new capabilities, apps and value-added services on top of core functionality. That’s just for starters.

Part two of this series from Spend Matters, explains what defines best-of-breed platforms, and how exactly the right platform can help empower efficiency, effectiveness and value.

In part three, you’ll learn why, if procurement is to deliver on its mission providing support across the strategic sourcing and buying lifecycle, platforms are the only way forward. This whole series is yours. Explore and learn how platforms are powering the future of procurement.

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