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Ardent Partners | CPO Rising 2017

Procurement has shifting priorities; Learn what competencies and capabilities are required to become – and stay – best in class.

What’s on the minds of CPOs both shapes, and is shaped by, the state of procurement. One thing is for sure, it’s a changing landscape that reflects the dynamic nature of the business. For twelve years now, Ardent Partners has been engaged in an ongoing conversation with CPOs and procurement leaders around the world. This year’s report, CPO Rising 2017: Tools of the Trade, shares the invaluable insights of those conversations.

And together, we shared the most important highlights in a webinar. It will give you a comprehensive view into what is happening in the world of procurement and discover the industry’s hot trends and key findings. Highlights include:

  • The experience, performance, perspective and intentions of 313 procurement execs
  • Enterprise and procurement goals, and the strategies they’re adopting to get there
  • Business processes that CPOs are implementing to drive performance to the next level
  • Technology enablers – “the tools of the trade” – teams are leveraging now and plan to adopt in the years ahead
  • How best-in-class organizations lead the way in process and technology adoption

If you want to know what’s on the minds of other leading CPOs, check out this on-demand webinar with Ardent Partners and VSP Global.

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CPO Rising: Tools of the Trade

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Andrew BartoliniAndrew Bartolini | Managing Partner & Chief Research Officer, Ardent Partners

Andrew Bartolini is a globally recognized expert in sourcing, procurement, accounts payable, and supply management. At Ardent Partners, Andrew focuses his research and efforts on helping enterprises develop and execute strategies to achieve operational excellence within their procurement and finance departments. Andrew is also the publisher of CPO Rising, the first independent media site written for and about Chief Procurement Officers and other procurement executives.

Greg Tennyson CPO VSP GlobalGreg Tennyson | Chief Procurement Officer, VSP Global

Greg Tennyson is a recognized global executive with extensive experience leading transformative change across a wide range of organizations including operations, procurement, customer support, supply chain, shared services, finance and contracts for Fortune 50 to 1000 companies, across a number of vertical markets. Greg was previously the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) at Salesforce.com and Oracle Corporation having source-to-settle (inclusive of Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets) and travel-to-expense global functional responsibilities.

Constantine LimberakisConstantine Limberakis | Director of Product Marketing, SpendHQ

A thought leader in the area of procurement and supply management, Constantine has over 20 years of experience, playing strategic roles in a wide spectrum of organizations related to consulting, product marketing, product development and market research. Throughout his career, he’s engaged business leaders and the broader analyst and technology community with strategic content, speaking engagements, research, webinars, and industry articles. Constantine is focused on analyzing technology business trends and promoting leading technology around procurement and supply management.

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