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CPO Rising 2017: Tools of the Trade
Learn what’s on the minds of global CPOs and
the state of procurement.

Ardent Partners - CPO Rising 2017: Tools of the Trade

Procurement has shifting priorities. In CPO Rising 2017: Tools of the Trade you’ll learn what competencies and capabilities are required to become – and stay – best in class.

313 global CPOs speak their minds about the state of procurement, their strategies and most compelling priorities. One thing is for sure, it’s a changing landscape that reflects the dynamic nature of the business. This year’s report provides invaluable insights from those conversations, including:

  • The experience, performance, perspective and intentions of 313 procurement execs
  • Enterprise and procurement goals, and the strategies they’re adopting to get there
  • Business processes that CPOs are implementing to drive performance to the next level
  • Technology enablers – “the tools of the trade” – teams are leveraging now and plan to adopt in the years ahead
  • How best-in-class organizations lead the way in process and technology adoption

If you want to know what’s happening in the world of procurement, what’s on the minds of other leading CPOs and discover the industry’s hot trends and key findings, download CPO Rising 2017: Tools of the Trade now.

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